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17 April 2015

Court Rejected Charges against Kovacevic

Arnes Grbešić BIRN BiH Doboj

The trial chamber of the district court of Doboj has rejected the charges against Jovisa Kovacevic, who was charged with crimes against prisoners of war in the territory of Modrica.

The charges were rejected after the prosecution had given up on the criminal prosecution of the defendant.

Kovacevic was charged with having abused a prisoner of war in the basement of a house in the Modrica area. The prisoner was a member the Bosnian Army who had been captured on a battlefield near Gradacac.

According to the charges, Kovacevic interrogated the captive for an hour or two every day from late April until mid-May 1994. During the interrogations, Kovacevic allegedly swore at the captive while punching him, kicking him, and hitting him with handles and sticks.

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