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23 April 2015

Witness Describes Driving Coloman on Day of Alleged Killing

Marija Tausan BIRN BiH Sarajevo
Testifying at the trial of Jasmin Coloman, a state prosecution witness said Coloman was one of two soldiers whom he drove to a detention center where Croats were held.
The witness, Refik Mujezinovic, said that he was an ambulance driver was near the ambulance center in Vrhovine when two soldiers he didn’t know arrived.

“They were aggressive and distraught. They told me to drive. I couldn’t refuse. I think they were from the Seventh Muslim unit. They were crying, they said their commander Fehim died,” Mujezinovic said. Mujezinovic recognized Coloman as one of the soldiers.

He said when they came to a detention center in Poculice the soldiers ordered him to stop.

According to Mujezinovic, the two soldiers told a local guard to open the door to the center.

“The guard ran. When I saw what was happening I drove away 150 to 200 meters to a curve. I was afraid,” Mujezinovic said.

He said he heard gun shots, and the two soldiers returned five to ten minutes later. Afterwards they all drove to Vrhovine.

“They had calmed down and didn’t speak. I never saw them again and I don’t know their names,” Mujezinovic said.

A day later, Mujezinovic said, he heard from others that Croats were held in the center and that three persons had been killed. He gave testimony to the military police.

Coloman, a former member of the Reconnaissance Squad with the Seventh Muslim Brigade of the Bosnian Army, has been charged with opening fire from an automatic weapon at a center were Croat civilians were held in the village of Poculice on April 24, 1993. The prosecution alleges that three persons were killed and nine were wounded as a result

During cross examination, the witness said Fehim Mujezinovic, the man the two soldiers mentioned, was his cousin. Defense attorney Senad Dupovac asked Mujezinovic why he waited for the soldiers near the centre. Mujezinovic said he did not know what to do. He confirmed he didn’t see who was shooting.

“Maybe one or the other or both of them,” he said.

Coloman’s trial resumed after a five month delay, as Refik Mujezinovic lives in America.

Mujezinovic was the last prosecution witness and the trial will continue when the judges decide on the date of the defense’s evidence proceedings.

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