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20 October 2015

Closing Statements in Odzak War Crimes Trial Scheduled for November 3

Džana Brkanić BIRN BiH Sarajevo

The Bosnian state court rejected proposals by the state prosecution and Martin Barukcic’s defense to allow the examination of additional witnesses. Today’s hearing closed the presentation of evidence at the trial of Marijan Brnjic, Martin Barukcic, Pavo and Ilija Glavas, charged with war crimes in the Odzak area.

Marijan Brnjic, Martin Barukcic, Pavo and Ilija Glavas, former members of the 102nd Brigade of the Croatian Defense Council, have been charged with the rape, assault, abuse, humiliation and intimidation of Serb women in the Odzak area.

The state prosecution submitted its proposed list of additional evidence in writing at today’s hearing, but the defense teams objected to it.

“The prosecution has had a chance to examine those witnesses. Juric was available in November last year, just like Bozo Matanovic, against whom a proceeding was conducted as well, as well as witness Jovanka Vujinovic,” said Branka Praljak, Pavo Glavas’ defense attorney.

The other defense teams also objected to this proposal, adding that their clients were held in custody.

“The proposal is hereby rejected, because the prosecution has not provided an explanation on why this evidence was not presented earlier,” trial chamber chair Jasmina Kosovic said.

The chamber also rejected a proposal to examine witnesses previously proposed by Martin Barukcic’s defense.

The state prosecution’s closing statement is scheduled for November 3.

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