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18 March 2014

Closing Statement at Dzeko’s Trial in Early April

Mirna Buljugic BIRN BiH Sarajevo
After having accepted a revised indictment against Edin Dzeko, former member of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who is charged with crimes in Konjic and Jablanica, the Trial Chamber schedules the presentation of State Prosecution’s closing statement for April 8.
The Trial Chamber accepted the revised State Prosecution’s indictment against Edin Dzeko, but the indictment was not read in the courtroom.

Trial Chamber Chairman Saban Maksumic said that the Court would act upon the revised indictment from now on. The Defence had no objections.

Edin Dzeko is on trial for having committed murders of Croats in Trusina on April 16, 1993. Besides that, he is charged with crimes against Croat civilians and prisoners in Jablanica in the second half of 1993.

The State Prosecution is due to present its closing statement on April 8.
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