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27 May 2015

Branislav Ninkovic Verdict Expected June 2

Arnes Grbesic BIRN BiH Doboj
After the prosecution and defense presented their closing statements, the district court of Doboj scheduled the announcement of Branislav Ninkovic’s verdict for June 2.
Ninkovic has been charged with participating in the torture and abuse of detained non-Serb civilians on the premises of a prison in Doboj from May 1992 to March 1993. His actions resulted in the severe mental and physical suffering, bodily injury and death of prisoners.

District prosecutor Slavko Krulj said the prosecution had proved its allegations against Ninkovic, and asked the court to sentence him in accordance with the law.

“On the basis of the evidence presented and witness testimony, particularly that of the injured parties, as well as the examination of a medical court expert, the prosecution considers that the defendant committed the crime he has been charged with. The aforementioned witnesses have no reason whatsoever to falsely accuse the defendant. The defense didn’t deny their allegations either. The defendant used his position in the prison and subordinated the prisoners,” Krulj said.

Defense attorney Branko Ristic called for Ninkovic to be acquitted of all charges. Ristic said the witness testimony was contradictory.

“No element that would prove the counts contained in the indictment is firm enough. The witnesses suffered certain mental and physical torture. That’s why they are inclined to convey other people’s stories and retell quasi-events, adding untrue elements and presenting them as worse than they actually were. The defendant didn’t participate in the criminal and legal sense. The events did not happen in the way described,” Ristic said.

The trial of Ninkovic began in June 2014.

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