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29 September 2006

Bozic: Detention prolonged for next three months

The prosecution has asked that Zdravko Bozic's detention be prolonged for another three months – but the defence wants him freed until charges have been pressed.
After a hearing on possibly prolonging the detention of Zdravko Bozic was postponed on Monday of this week after the defence did not receive vital documents, the court convened again – and maid decisionto prolong detention for next three months.

Defence attorney Dragica Glusaccomplained in the courtroom about the received documents, claiming that shecould not read them all because most were English and she "is not obligedto know that language".  She also noted that she sees no reason for prolonging her client's detention.
Prosecution has requested another three months in order to finalise its investigation.
Bozic is suspected of involvement incrimes committed against Bosniaks in Pilice near Srebrenica, in July 1995.
Bozic was deported, together with Milan Bencun, from America after allegations that he gave false information to US immigration services relating to his participation in the Bosnian war. The prosecution suspects that he may have taken part in crimes against Bosniaks at Srebrenica in July 1995.
Bencun was released from custody on Sepetmber 28, unpor decission by Court since the  Prosecutor’s Officedid not file a motion to extend custody.
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