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18 June 2015

Bosnian Police Arrest Suspect in Witness Murder Plot

Denis Dzidic BIRN BiH Sarajevo
The State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) arrested Milenko Krsmanovic due to suspicions that he planned to murder Sarajevo attorney Muhidin Kapo, a witness at his upcoming trial.
He is suspected of conspiracy to murder and obstruction of justice.

Krsmanovic is awaiting trial at the district court of Eastern Sarajevo on charges that he abused, robbed and detained a civilian as a police officer in Sokolac in July 1992.
Krsmanovic was arrested on Thursday in Sokolac by SIPA police officers and was handed over to the Bosnian state prosecution. The state prosecution will decide whether to ask for custody measures after questioning Krsmanovic.
“SIPA police officers looked over facilities used by the suspect in order to find evidence,” a SIPA spokesperson told BIRN.
Krsmanovic’s attorney Veljko Civsa told BIRN that he still doesn’t have any information apart from his client’s arrest.
Muhidin Kapo told BIRN that Krsmanovic threatened him before.
“I don’t know the details, but as far as I understand he planned to hire someone to kill me so that I wouldn’t testify against him,” Kapo said.  
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