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10 December 2015

Bosnia Arrests Five for Bosanski Novi War Crimes

Amer Jahic BIRN BiH Sarajevo
Five men have been arrested on suspicion of having committed war crimes against Bosniaks, including torture, abuse, detention and theft, in the Bosanski Novi area in 1992.
The state prosecution said on Thursday that Ljuban Babic, Ranko Balaban, Rajko Karlica, Mirko Odzic and Milenko Brcin have been arrested for alleged war crimes against Bosniak civilians in Bosanski Novi, in the country’s Serb-dominated Republika Srpska entity.

The alleged crimes involved acts of torture, abuse, detention and theft of private property, the prosecution said.

The State Investigation and Protection Agency has been searching police premises, municipality offices and public utility buildings in Bosanski Novi to gather evidence.

“The persecution of almost the entire Bosniak population from that area happened as a consequence of the crimes committed,” the prosecution said in a statement.

“Besides that, the murder of 27 Bosniak civilians from the villages of Agici and Ekici was committed in the local district of Maslovare [in the Bosanski Novi municipality],” the prosecution announced.

After questioning the suspects, the prosecution will decide whether to file a custody motion.
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