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4 January 2016

Bosnia Arrests 1992 Srebrenica Attack Suspects

Amer Jahic BIRN BiH Sarajevo
Former Territorial Defence fighters Izet Arifovic, Suad Smajlovic and Amir Salihovic were arrested on suspicion of committing crimes against Serb villagers in the Srebrenica area during an attack in 1992.
The Bosnian State Investigation and Protection Agency on Monday arrested Arifovic, Smajlovic and Salihovic on suspicion that on July 12, 1992, they were involved in crimes against eight Serb civilians who were brought to the police station in Srebrenica during an attack on the village of Zalazje.

Arifovic killed one of the civilians and is also suspected of having shot two others after they had been taken out of the police station, the prosecution said.

“After their bodies had been loaded onto a truck, Smajlovic noticed that one of the victims was showing signs of life, so he opened fire, killing two of the captured civilians,” the prosecutions said.

The prosecution also suspects Salihovic of having transported the remaining victims to an unknown destination. The remains of some of them were found after the war.

Arifovic meanwhile is also suspected of having killed a civilian who had his hands tied after having given up his gun in the village of Ratkovici on June 21, 1992.

“The suspect approached him, ordered him to stand up and killed him by shooting him with firearms,” the prosecution said.

After examining the suspects, the prosecutor will decide whether to ask for a custody order or not.

The Bosnian prosecution has already raised an indictment for crimes against Serb civilians in Zalazje against former Bosnian Army commander Naser Oric and ex-serviceman Sabahudin Muhic.

Oric and Muhic are charged with killing three Bosnian Serb prisoners of war in the villages of Zalazje, Lolici and Kunjerac in 1992.

The charges have been criticised by Bosniaks, who claim Oric is a hero and the indictment is politically motivated, and by Serbs who believe Oric is guilty of much graver crimes.

The trial is expected to start later this month.
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