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17 November 2014

Beaten up in Doboj Prison

Arnes Grbesic BIRN BiH Doboj

As the trial of Branislav Ninkovic, former guard in the District Prison in Doboj, who is charged with crimes against civilians, continues, Prosecution witness Saban Ibrakovic says that the indictee did not beat him during his detention.

The witness said that he used to work with Doboj police until May 1992 and that he was hiding in his village following the breakout of the conflict in the Doboj area, so he decided to surrender to his former colleagues at a police checkpoint in Bare village after his house in Bukovacke Civcije village had been set on fire.
Ibrakovic said that he was transferred to the police building, where some unknown people beat him up twice.   
“Two days later I was transferred to the prison. Guard Vukovic met me at the entrance. Ninkovic was the duty officer. Vukovic took me to a room and physically abused me so brutally that I do not know how I managed to stay alive. He hit me with his hands, legs, stick, chair. Ninkovic did nothing to me. I was abused by Vojin Lukic and Dusan Vukovic,” Ibrakovic said.
District Prosecutor Mersiha Mahmutovic reminded the witness of a statement he gave to an investigation judge in Zenica in 2001, when he said that “the guards Dusan Vukovic, Vojin Lukic and Branislav Ninkovic beat him with a thick cable”.
Ibrakovic responded by saying that he did not remember that.
Court expert Vjekoslav Kovacevic determined that Ibrakovic suffered from a chronic form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which he got while staying in prison, where he suffered strong mental suffering, as well as after leaving the prison.  
The trial is due to continue on December 11. 

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