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12 June 2012

Basic and Sijak: In Psychotherapy Due to Trauma

As the trial of Muhidin Basic and Mirsad Sijak for crimes in Vares continues, a State Prosecution witness says that, after having been in psychotherapy for one year, witness A said that she was raped by “Basic and Sijak”.
Witness Goran Grabovac, who works as psychiatrist in Vares, said that witness A had been his patient since 2007 and that he was not able to set her diagnosis at the beginning of the psychotherapy, because she was in bad condition.  

“I asked her if there was something she wanted to tell me. She then told me that she had been raped by Basic and Sijak and two other men, whom she did not know,” Grabovac said, adding that she did not speak about details.

As he said, the witness was upset during psychotherapy sessions and she often had the need to leave the room, while having a stormy reaction. 

“She had problems with concentration and memory, as well as sleep problems,” Grabovac said.

When asked by Kerim Celik, Defence attorney of indictee Basic, which diagnosis he determined as a doctor, the witness said that it was post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD.

He said that, as far as he could remember, he tried to help her by telling advising her to confide it to somebody, who had had a similar experience, so she went to the “Women – Victims of War” Association.

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina charges Muhidin Basic and Mirsad Sijak with having forced a Croat female to have sexual intercourse with them in an ABiH prison in the basement of Sumarstvo building in Vares on January 25, 1994.
The trial is due to continue on June 18, when the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina will present material evidence and examine a team of experts.
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