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4 March 2008

Andrun: Release on bail motion

Nikola Andrun's Defence attorney has asked for termination of his custody, saying bail would be secured by his family's real estate.
The Appellate Chamber decided that the retrial of Nikola Andrun, former deputy Commander of Gabela detention camp, charged with crimes against civilians would commence on March 26.

Andrun's representative Nikica Grzic asked that his client be released from custody on bail, secured by property worth KM 420,000.

In December 2006, Andrun was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for crimes against civilians detained at the Gabela detention camp near Capljina. The camp was created by the Croatian Defence Council (HVO). Data from the International Criminnal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia indicates that about 1,200 people, mostly Bosniaks, were detained in Gabela from June 1993 to April 1994. The first instance verdict was quashed in September 2007, following appeals filed by both parties.

"My client has been under custody since November 29, 2005. Considering the duration of his custody, I think the reasons for keeping him in custody no longer exist," Grzic said as he handed over to the Court, files valuing the real estate owned by Andrun's family members, who agreed to offer the property "as a guarantee that he will report to the Court on a regular basis."

Prosecutor Vesna Tancica objected to the proposal, arguing that at this stage, "it is even more necessary" to keep the indictee under custody until the end of the process, as the safety of witnesses would be endangered should he be released. Tancica also said that it was "evident" that Andrun attempted to influence the witnesses during the first instance trial.

The Appellate Chamber will announce its decision concerning this issue at a later stage.
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