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30 June 2008

Andrun: Another visit to Gabela

The Appellate Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina wants to visit the Gabela detention camp, together with a Prosecution witness, who is supposed to identify the place where he stayed.
Towards the end of the presentation of evidence at the retrial of Nikola Andrun, the Appellate Chamber of the State Court has announced that it will conduct a repeated crimes scene inspection and a "partial reconstruction of events" in the Gabela detention camp on July 3.

The site inspection will be conducted by Chamber members and witness Mirza Colakovic, who will be asked to identify the building in which he was allegedly detained.

Mirza Colakovic appeared as the first Prosecution witness at the trial of Nikola Andrun, who was sentenced, by a first instance verdict announced by the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina in December 2006, to 13 years imprisonment for having participated, as deputy commander of the Gabela detention camp, in murder, torture and inhumane treatment of detained civilians in 1993.

Upholding the appeals, filed by both parties, the Appellate Chamber revoked the first instance verdict and ordered a retrial to be conducted. This witness was examined again in the course of the retrial. During the course of his testimony at the first instance trial and the retrial, Colakovic was not able to recognise the room in which he stayed during his detention in Gabela, when he was shown a video recording made during the first reconstruction of events, conducted in Gabela.

"We agreed that the video recording made in Gabela was not fully correct. We have therefore decided to go to the field again," Appellate Chamber Chairwoman Azra Miletic said but she did not mention why the recording was not considered as "fully correct."

At this hearing, the Defence provided more details concerning its proposal to introduce ten new pieces of material evidence and examine five more witnesses, two of whom testified in the course of the first instance trial already.

Once again the Prosecution said it objected this proposal.

The Appellate Chamber will announce its decision concerning the proposal at the next hearing, scheduled for July 4.
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