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About BIRN Bosnia and Hezegovina

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIRN BiH) is a media non-governmental organization based in Sarajevo, which specializes in monitoring and reporting on war crimes trials. Since its formation in January 2005, BIRN BiH has been actively analyzing and informing the public about the work of the war crimes chambers at the state and local courts in BiH.

After identifying the past as the main block for all major issues affecting the country, BIRN BiH supports the development of high quality media and civil society in BiH, and became the pioneer in engaging them in the reconciliation process. Furthermore, BIRN BiH contributes to the progress of a citizenry that is fully active in the governance of its country and in securing and exercising its democratic rights and obligations.

BIRN BiH’s team of dedicated journalists and editors regularly provide the public with high-quality print and broadcast news on judicial processes and issues of transitional justice via its signature product, Justice Report. BIRN BiH’s media production includes both Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian and English language news and analysis. Its print, radio, and TV editorials raise the standards in professional media reporting.

BIRN BiH has established the Association of Court Reporters (AIS), a group of print and electronic media journalists that monitor the work of domestic courts. BIRN BiH and AIS organize regular meetings with local stakeholders to open and facilitate dialogue about the transparency of judiciary and responsible war crimes reporting.

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