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People: Zivanovic Zoran
5 June 2013

Defence Requests Acquittal or Shorter Imprisonment

Presenting its appeal against a verdict under which Bosko Lazic was sentenced to fifteen months in prison for giving false testimony, the Defence requests the Court to either acquit the indictee or pronounce shorter imprisonment sentence.

15 November 2012

Lazic: Defence Attorney Fails to Appear

The beginning of the retrial of Bosko Lazic, who is charged with giving a false testimony at a war-crime trial, has been postponed as the Defence attorney of the indictee failed to appear before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
20 March 2012

Lazic: Video recording of testimony

At the trial of Bosko Lazic, charged with giving a false testimony at a war crimes trial, the State Prosecution has shown a video recording of the defendant’s examination from December 2006.
30 May 2011

Ratko Mladic: The Force Behind the Srebrenica Killings

The Bosnian Serb commander’s role in the genocide committed in Srebrenica is described in detail in many indictments and verdicts pronounced before local and international judicial institutions.
8 February 2010

Bozic et al: First Instance Verdict Confirmed

The Appellate Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirms the first instance verdict, sentencing Mladen Blagojevic to seven years in prison and acquitting Zdravko Bozic, Zoran Zivanovic and Zeljko Zaric of the charges that they committed war crimes in the Srebrenica area.
20 October 2008

Bozic et al: Verdict due on October 29

Following the presentation of closing arguments by both parties, the trial of the four former members of the VRS Military Police has now been completed.
17 October 2008

Bozic et al: "Weak" indictment

The defence of the four accused for crimes against civilians in Srebrenica has started reading their final statement.
12 September 2008

Bozic et al: 'The Mane' from the Military police

A former member of the Dutch Battalion speaks about the ''chaos'' in Srebrenica after the fall of the town on 11 July 1995.
11 July 2008

Bozic et al: Accelerate evidence presenting

The Defence of the four indictees gives up the examination of a former Major with the Dutch Battalion in Srebrenica.
15 May 2008

Bozic et al: Obtaining evidence

The continuation of the trial of four former VRS members has been postponed until further notice, as the electronic copies of the evidence from the Hague Tribunal have not been obtained.
19 March 2008

Bozic et al: Court expert's opinion

Court expert Richard Butler claims the Bratunac Brigade Military Police members could recognise unlawful orders, such as the ones referring to the killing and abuse of captured Srebrenica residents.
27 February 2008

Bozic et al: Military Policemen Testify

Four Defence witnesses have spoken of the aftermath of the fall of Srebrenica and the role of the Bratunac Brigade Military Police.
15 February 2008

Bozic et al: Heading The Convoy

A joint Defence witness claims to have headed the column of buses and trucks that transported Srebrenica residents from Bratunac to Zvornik, and adds that he "did not see" any of his colleagues.
29 January 2008

Bozic et al: Contradictory Statements

The commander of the VRS Bratunac Brigade Military Police says that he did not know that his soldiers safeguarded the school in Bratunac.
18 January 2008

Bozic et al: Bratunac Gunfire "Normal"

A witness has said that he only heard about the execution of people from Srebrenica in Bratunac because of trials in The Hague.