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1 July 2013

Prosecution Withdraws Agreement with Radoslav Knezevic

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina cancels a guilt admission agreement with Radoslav Knezevic, who is charged with crimes at Koricanske stijene.

17 March 2011

Koricanske stijene: Uninterrupted Passage of Convoy

A former member of the Interventions Squad, who was sentenced under a first instance verdict for crimes committed at Koricanske stijene, says that indictees Sasa Zecevic and Marinko Ljepoja were among convoy escorts in August 1992.
11 July 2007

Mandic: Verdict Due on 18 July

Momcilo Mandic's Defence team has denied all counts of the indictment - and has accused the Prosecution of not proving its allegations.
23 March 2007

Rasevic/Todovic trial set for April

As was announced during the status conference, the trial of Savo Todovic and Mitar Rasevic will begin on April 6, 2007.
7 November 2006

Mandic defence may call Paddy Ashdown

The indictee has given an opening statement at the start of the war crimes proceedings against him.
3 July 2006

Milica Jankovic: I tried to convince Gojko to surrender

In March 2005, Gojko Jankovic, charged with war crimes committed in Foca, surrendered to the Hague Tribunal. A few months earlier, his wife, Milica Jankovic, went to Russia to persuade the then fugitive to surrender. Justice Report publishes the statement she gave to the Republika Srpska police at the time.
21 April 2006

Victims protest at the Court of BiH

Around thirty women and ten men protested today in front of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina voicing their dissatisfaction with the work of the institution.

7 April 2006

Samardzic sentenced to 13 years

Bosnian Serb found guilty of multiple rape, beatings, murder and the sexual slavery of women in Foca.