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21 November 2013

Serbian Prosecutor Vows to Clear the Road to Justice

Serbia is trying to bring suspected war criminals to justice despite attempted cover-ups, political problems and fugitives trying to evade arrest, deputy prosecutor Bruno Vekaric told BIRN.

3 May 2012

Parallel Probes Fail to Solve Dobrovoljacka Street Mystery

Two decades on from the attack that killed seven JNA soldiers, efforts to solve the case are in disarray, while Bosnian Serbs claim to be collecting fresh evidence.
27 May 2011

Serbian Court Approves Ratko Mladic's Extradition

Maja Kovacevic-Vucic, a court spokesperson, said that the court has decided that all the conditions for the extradition have been met and that Mladic is fit to stand trial in the Hague.
11 October 2010

Belgrade Court Overturns Jurisic Verdict

The Appellate Court in Belgrade has overturned the first-instance verdict against former Bosnian security officer Ilija Jurisic and ordered a retrial in a controversial case that has strained relations between Sarajevo and Belgrade.
13 April 2010

Ganic: Extradition Proceedings Begin

A hearing has been held before the Elementary Court in London to discuss the extradition of Ejup Ganic, former member of the wartime Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to present documents on the basis of which the Republic of Serbia has requested Ganic's extradition. 
22 April 2009

Serbian Probe into JNA Deaths Alarms Bosnians

Serbia’s move to investigate the May 1992 killings of JNA soldiers in Sarajevo raises as many questions as it answers.