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People: Trifkovic Miodrag
12 February 2016

Witness Describes Killing of Bosniak Civilians in Jelovo Brdo

Testifying for the cantonal prosecution of Tuzla, a witness said members of the Bosnian Serb Army attacked the village of Jelovo Brdo in the municipality of Kalesija in June 1992 and shot at the Bosniak population.

24 December 2015

Miodrag Trifkovic Trial Begins

The Miodrag Trifkovic trial began with a reading of the indictment and the presentation of introductory statements before the cantonal court of Tuzla.
16 October 2015

Trial for Kalesija Crimes Postponed

The cantonal court of Tuzla postponed the beginning of the Miodrag Trifkovic trial. Trifkovic is charged with war crimes in Kalesija.
1 September 2015

Miodrag Trifkovic Trial Postponed

The start of the Miodrag Trifkovic trial has been postponed by the cantonal court of Tuzla, due to the defense attorney’s prior commitments.