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12 February 2015

Extension of Custody Requested for Nine Defendants Accused of Lokanj Massacre

Bosnia’s state prosecution has requested that nine former Bosnian Serb fighters facing trial for the massacre of civilians remain in custody. Their defense team objected, requesting that the court end the custody period and establish prohibitive measures instead.
9 October 2014

Bosnia Seeks Fugitive Tuzla Massacre Convict

The Bosnian court is preparing an international arrest warrant for Novak Djukic, convicted of ordering a deadly Bosnian Serb artillery strike on the town of Tuzla, after he fled to Serbia.
4 September 2014

Court will Wait for Djukic until September 22

The defence of Novak Djukic, convicted of ordering a deadly Bosnian Serb artillery strike on Tuzla, staged a reconstruction of the attack in a bid to prove his innocence.
22 August 2014

Ibro Macic’s Trial Postponed

The continuation of the trial of Ibro Macic for crimes in Konjic has been postponed, as legal advisor to witness Edhem Zilic fails to appear at the hearing.
28 February 2014

Tougher Sentence Urged for Sarajevo Wartime Brutality

The Bosnian prosecution asked for a longer jail term for Serb fighter Zoran Dragicevic, convicted of torturing, imprisoning, raping and stealing from people during the siege of Sarajevo.
21 February 2014

Tomic Backs Down From Djukic’s Trial

The Defence of Novak Djukic, who was released from the prison sentence for the wrong application of criminal code, asked for the removal of the Trial chamber and the president of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is why the presentation of appeals were postponed.
6 February 2014

True or False Accusations against Brkan

Presenting its appeal against a verdict of release against Osman Brkan, the Prosecution says that the Trial Chamber was wrong when it decided not to believe a witness, who accused him of participation in the murder of four old women in Blace, near Konjic, on June 13, 1992. The Defence requests the Court to confirm the first instance verdict.

24 January 2014

Djukic Will Be Released to Liberty

The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, accepts, due to the wrong application of law, an appeal filed by Novak Djukic who was sentenced to 25 years in prison for having committed a crime in Tuzlanska Kapija.
29 November 2013

Verdict against Brkan Due December 6

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina calls on the State Court to sentence Osman Brkan for the murder of four old women in Blace village, Konjic municipality, while the Defence says that a verdict of release would be the only fair decision.

30 October 2013

Sarajevo Serb ‘Didn’t Commit Crimes Against Humanity’

Former soldier Zoran Dragicevic, on trial for a series of alleged war crimes in the Bosnian capital, did not deport, jail or torture anyone, argued his lawyer.

9 October 2013

Presentation of Evidence Completed

The presentation of evidence at the trial of Zoran Dragicevic, who is charged with crimes in Sarajevo, has been completed with introduction of Defence’s material evidence. Closing statements are due to be presented on October 23.

5 July 2013

Trial of Brkan and Macic Begins

The trial of Osman Brkan and Ibro Macic, former members of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ABiH, who are charged with crimes against civilians in the Konjic area, begins with reading of the indictment and presentation of introductory statements. 

15 April 2013

Verdict against Klickovic and Drljaca on April 29

Presenting their closing statements, the Defence of Gojko Klickovic and Mladen Drljaca urge the Appellate Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to acquit the indictees of the charges for crimes in Bosanska Krupa. The verdict is due to be pronounced on April 29.

12 April 2013

Bosnian Serb Fighter’s Trial Hears ‘Rape’ Allegation

A witness at the war crimes trial of Zoran Dragicevic testified that she felt intimidated into having sex with the Bosnian Serb soldier, but said she was not violently attacked.

13 March 2013

Bosnian Serb Paramilitary ‘Demanded Money for Lives’

A witness at the war crimes trial of Zoran Dragicevic said he and other fighters extorted cash by threatening murder and rape during wartime in 1992.