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People: Tadic Svetko
23 January 2014

Significantly Shorter Sentences for Kravica Crimes Requested

The Defence of five indictees, who were released after the verdicts against them for assisting in the Srebrenica genocide was quashed, request the Court to reduce their sentence to between five and 15 years, while the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina requests maximal imprisonment sentences.

21 May 2013

Verdict against Mladen Markovic on May 27

Following the presentation of closing statements by the Prosecution and Defence at the trial for crimes in Visegrad, the District Court in Eastern Sarajevo schedules the pronouncement of a verdict against Mladen Markovic for May 27.
29 April 2013

Indictment against Svetko Tadic Confirmed

The Cantonal Court in Bihac confirms an indictment against Svetko Tadic from Kikinda, Serbia, charging him with crimes against civilians in Bihac municipality in 1992.
10 November 2011

Local Justice - Bihac: New Arrest for Orasac Crimes

Acting on a warrant issued by the Una-Sana Cantonal Prosecution, the State Investigation and Protected Agency, SIPA arrested Goran Mihajlovic in Bijeljina on suspicion that he committed crimes against civilians in Orasac village, Bihac in 1992.