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12 May 2015

INVESTIGATION: Bosnian Judiciary Criticised for Employing Relatives

In at least 12 cases, Bosnian state court and prosecution employees are related to each other – a situation which could create conflicts of interest, experts say.

13 February 2015

Bosnian Serb Soldier Jailed for Visegrad Rape, Murder

Former Bosnian Serb Army soldier Dragan Sekaric was sentenced to 14 years in prison for rape and murder in the village of Kosovo Polje in the Visegrad municipality in 1992.
15 December 2014

Evidence about Sekaric’s Wounding

At the trial for crimes in the Gorazde and Visegrad area the Defence presents a few pieces of material evidence, including medical documentation, confirming that indictee Dragan Sekaric was wounded in June 1992.

8 September 2014

‘Intimidated’ Bosnia Witness Fined 10,000 Euro

A protected witness was fined by the Bosnian court because he refused to testify at Serb fighter Dragan Sekaric's war crimes trial, claiming he was attacked and his family was not safe.
5 September 2014

Trial Postponed Due to Absence of Witness

The trial of Dragan Sekaric, who is charged with crimes in Gorazde and Visegrad, has been postponed, because protected witness S-2 fails to appear in court.
16 April 2014

Exemption of Judges Requested

The trial of Vitomir Rackovic for crimes in Visegrad has been postponed due to a Defence request for the exemption of two members of the Trial Chamber.

27 March 2014

Bosnian Serb Fighters Jailed for Prijedor Mosque Killings

Three former Bosnian Serb fighters were sentenced to a total of 63 years over the executions of Bosniak civilians outside a mosque in the village of Carakovo near Prijedor in 1992.
14 March 2014

Bosnia to Discard Controversial Anonymised Verdicts

Indictments and verdicts for war crimes and other grave offences should be made public so people can learn the truth about past atrocities, a working group of the Bosnian top judicial body said.
30 December 2013

Struggle for Public Justice and Truth

With several thousand signatures, as well as with other ways of supporting the campaign “Stop Censorship on War Crimes”, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) succeeded in encouraging the authorities to admit that anonymisation cannot be applied to serious crimes, including war crimes.
23 December 2013

Duties on Observation Post

As the trial for crimes in Prijedor continues, Velemir Djuric’s Defence witness says that the indictee, he and other colleagues could leave an observation post in Benkovac, which was about 20 kilometres away from Prijedor, towards the end of July 1992.

9 December 2013

Trial Postponed Due to Indictee’s Illness

The trial for crimes in Prijedor has been postponed until December 23 due to indictee Zoran Babic’s health condition.

1 November 2013

A Man with a Glass Eye

As the trial for crimes in Zenica continues, a State Prosecution witness says that she was detained in a house together with other civilians and that men were called out, taken away and killed, adding that indictee Vehid Subotic was there as well.

28 October 2013

Alibi and Discrediting

Testifying in defence of Dragomir Soldat at the trial for crimes in Carakovo village, near Prijedor, a witness says that the indictee drove her to a bus station in Prijedor so that she could travel to Belgrade.

28 August 2013

Sarajevo Police Chief Jailed For War Crimes

Former local Serb police chief Goran Saric was jailed for 14 years for crimes against Bosniak civilians who were taken prisoner in the Sarajevo settlement of Nahorevo in 1992.

26 April 2013

Bosniak ‘Survived Serb Mass Execution’ at Mosque

A witness told the trial of three Bosnian Serb fighters how he survived being shot during the execution of Bosniak villagers at a mosque in Carakovo near Prijedor in 1992.