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13 May 2015

Witness at Puljic Trial Describes Abduction of Civilians

A protected witness testifying at the Mile Puljic trial said she’d heard from another witness in the trial that her husband and brother-in-law had been abducted.

25 March 2015

Retrial of Veselko and Ivo Raguz Begins

The retrial of Veselko and Ivo Raguz began with a reading of the indictment and the presentation of introductory statements by the state prosecution and the defense teams at the appellate chamber of the Bosnian state court. Veselko and Ivo Raguz have been accused of committing war crimes in the areas of Stolac and Capljina.
27 January 2014

Dretelj Camp Crimes Retrial Opens in Sarajevo

Former Bosnian Croat fighter Drazen Mikulic is accused of war crimes against prisoners who were being held at the Dretelj detention camp near Capljina in 1993.
23 December 2013

No Evidence against Veselko and Ivo Raguz

Presenting its closing statement at the trial for crimes in Stolac and Capljina, the Defence calls on the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to pronounce a verdict of release against indictees Veselko Raguz and Ivo Raguz. The verdict will be pronounced on December 30.

13 December 2013

Stealing People’s Lives

Presenting her closing statement at the trial for crimes in Stolac and Capljina, the State Prosecutor says that it has been proved that Ivo and Veselko Raguz committed war crimes against the civilian population and that they should be “sentenced according to the law.”

3 December 2013

Bosnian Croat Defendant Zelenika Helped Prisoners

Testifying in his own behalf, defendant Ivan Zelenika said that he was an ordinary soldier for the Croatian Defence Forces, CDF in 1992, and as such could not issue any orders in Dretelj.
13 November 2013

Presentation of Defence’s Evidence Completed

After presenting three pieces of material evidence at the trial for crimes committed in the Capljina and Stolac area the Defence of indictee Veselko Raguz completes the presentation of its evidence.

19 August 2013

Defence Accuses Prosecutor of Hiding Documents

As the trial of indictees Veselko and Ivo Raguz continues, the Defence presents statements given by State Prosecution witnesses Alija and Medin Kaplan in order to try to prove that they did not tell the truth.

13 August 2013

Herceg Did not Give Orders in Dretelj

Testifying at the trial for crimes in Dretelj, witness Toni Raic confirms that he saw Srecko Herceg in Dretelj, but he never gave him any orders.
4 July 2013

Bosnia’s Dretelj Prison Camp Verdict Challenged

Prosecution and defence appealed against the six-year sentence handed down to Bosnian Croat soldier Drazen Mikulic for abusing a prisoner and drinking his blood at the Dretelj camp in 1993.
25 June 2013

Witness Does Not Remember Events in Dretelj

At the trial for crimes committed in Dretelj, the witness for the Prosecution said he did not remember the events related to defendants and added that during the investigation the prosecutor led him to responses.
24 June 2013

Suad Boskailo Arrested by Unknown Soldiers

Testifying in defence of Veselko Raguz at the trial for crimes in Stolac and Capljina, witnesses say that, being members of a unit commanded by the indictee, they stayed in their zone of responsibility only and did not participated in the arrest of Bosniak men in July 1993.
12 June 2013

Kostana Hospital Outside the Zone of Responsibility

During the continuation of the trial for crimes in Stolac and Capljina, a Defence witness says that Kostana Hospital, where men were held in detention, was not in the zone of responsibility of the unit commanded by indictee Veselko Raguz, i.e. the Fourth Battalion with “Knez Domagoj” Brigade of the Croatian Defence Council, HVO.

11 June 2013

Witness Capable of Testifying

Testifying at the trial of former members of the Croatian Defence Forces, HOS, a court expert in neuro-psychiatry says that Toni Raic is capable of testifying before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

4 June 2013

Prisoner Recalls Rape and Abuse in Bosnia Camps

A witness at the trial of five Croatian Defence Forces fighters for war crimes at the Dretelj detention camp in southern Bosnia in 1992 said she was raped and sexually abused while held captive.