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27 May 2014

Short Sentence or Wrong Conclusions

The Prosecution and Defence presented the Appellate Chamber of the Court of BiH with their appeals against a verdict pronounced in August 2013, under which Saric was sentenced to 14 years in prison for crimes in Nahorevo neighbourhood, Sarajevo. 

23 October 2013

Dautovic – Victim of Politics

Continuing the presentation of its closing statement, the Defence calls for a verdict of release against Senad Dautovic, claiming that the indictee is a victim of politics.

22 October 2013

Second Instance Verdict for Kalinovik Crimes in Mid-November

After Defence tams of the four defendants charged with the crime committed in Kalinovik presented their closing arguments, the Appeals Chamber scheduled the passing of the second instance verdict for November 12.

13 February 2013

Local Justice - Milanovic: Verdict Due February 15

The Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is due to pronounce a verdict against Mladen Milanovic, who is charged with crimes in the Bunker detention camp in Vogosca in 1992, on Friday, February 15.
31 January 2013

Gasal et al: Retrial Begins

The retrial of Nisvet Gasal, Musajb Kukavica and Senad Dautovic for crimes against Bosnian Croats in Bugojno in 1993 started with introductory statements.
12 September 2012

Local Justice – Milanovic: Indictee in Poor Health

Mladen Milanovic, who is charged with crimes in the Sarajevo area, fails to appear at the beginning of his retrial before the Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, FBiH.
8 February 2012

Local Justice - Milanovic: Defendant fails to show up

The retrial of Mladen Milanovic for crimes in the territory of Sarajevo was postponed before the Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for an undisclosed time since the defendant failed to appear in the courtroom.
18 November 2011

Custody for Goran Lucic Requested

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina requests the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to order custody for Goran Lucic, who is suspected of crimes against humanity in Gacko.
28 October 2011

Bastah: Hearing Postponed

A hearing related to a request for a new trial in the case of Predrag Bastah has been postponed, because the Defence was not able to specify the reasons for such request.
2 February 2011

Gasal et al: 300 Pieces of Material Evidence Introduced

The Defence of Senad Dautovic, one of the four indictees charged with crimes committed in the Bugojno area, has completed the presentation of evidence by introducing its material evidence.
1 September 2009

Mandic: Awaiting Appellate Chamber's Decision

The Defence of Momcilo Mandic Dismisses the Prosecution's first-instance verdict appeal, calling it "irrational and emotional".
9 January 2009

Lalovic and Skiljevic: Custody order motion

The State Prosecution files a motion requesting custody of indictees charged with crimes committed in Kula Correctional Facility.
5 March 2008

Pressure on Hague Fugitive Network

No indictments have yet been issued against any of the people suspected of protecting Radovan Karadzic and his lieutenants in their flight from justice.
27 February 2008

Gasal et al: Alleged Pressure on Witness

Prosecution witness claims he was pressured prior to his testimony.
17 January 2008

Gasal et al: Indictment Discussion

A discussion was held concerning a proposal to joinder two indictments concerning crimes committed in Bugojno.