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People: Samardzija Marko
29 January 2014

Extremists Responsible for Conflicts in Kljuc

Testifying in defence of Radovan Karadzic before The Hague Tribunal, a witness says that “Muslim extremists” were to blame for the conflict in Kljuc in 1992.
28 January 2011

Local Justice: Truth Is the Only Way Forward

At a meeting with representatives of the Una-Sana Cantonal Prosecution and police on Friday, victims from the Kljuc area expressed their satisfaction with the efforts of those institutions in finding and processing war crimes perpetrators.

26 May 2009

Kondic et al: Invitations for Questioning

A Prosecution witness speaks about the arrest and detention of Muslims from the Kljuc area and the murder of more than 100 civilians in Biljani.
8 January 2009

Changes to Jail Terms Raise Doubts about Justice

Drastic revisions in prison sentences between first and second instances are either a sign that the appeal process if working well, or a sign that something is very wrong with the judicial system.
29 September 2008

Samardzija: Carelessness of Serbian soldiers

The Appellate Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina examines indictee Marko Samardzija as a witness at his retrial.
12 September 2008

Samardzija: Time of the shot

The Defence hears the statement of an additional witness as the retrial of Marko Samardzija continues.
3 July 2008

Kondic et al: Trial to start on July 10

The trial of the three persons, charged with encouraging genocide in Kljuc municipality is due to commence next week.
18 June 2008

Samardzija: Military set-up

At the retrial of Marko Samardzija two more statements, given by witnesses in the course of the first instance trial, are heard.
29 April 2008

Samardzija: Retrial to begin in May

The date has been set for the start of the retrial for Kljuc municipality crimes.

4 March 2008

Samardzija: Retrial postponed until further notice

Due to the indictee's illness, the hearing before the Appellate Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been postponed and it is uncertain when the retrial will commence.
28 December 2007

Three Thousand Days of Detention

In 2007, the Court of BiH ordered custody for 29 war crimes suspects, some of whom were eventually indicted, while others were released without charge.
25 May 2007

Samardzija: First Instance Verdict Revoked

The Appeals Chamber has rendered another decision revoking the first instance verdict and initiating a retrial.
27 April 2007

Samardzija Decision Due Soon

Appeal judges have announced that they will decide in the case of Marko Samardzija in May.
31 October 2006

Samardzija: End of main hearing

In its closing argument, Marko Samardzija's defence team requested an acquittal for their defendant because he was only following orders.
18 October 2006

Samardzija: Prosecution rests its case

Prosecutor calls for a long prison sentence for crimes committed against civilians in Kljuc.