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People: Residovic Edina
24 August 2012

Silos Trial: “Political pamphlet” in Courtroom

At the trial for crimes committed in Hadzici, witness Vinko Lale said during the second day of his testimony that prior to his five month detention in Silos camp, he had obtained a rifle.
21 June 2012

Dzeko: Custody Extension Motion

After the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed an indictment against Edin Dzeko, who is charged with crimes against civilians and prisoners of war in the Jablanica and Trusinc area, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina files a custody extension motion. The Defence of the indictee objects to the motion.
5 June 2012

Memic et al: Questions about a Man, who is not Indicted

On the second day of witness Vahid Karavelic's testimony at the trial for crimes in Trusina, near Konjic, the Defence of indictee Nihad Bojadzic presents the witness with a number of documents, claiming that those documents prove that the "Zulfikar" Squad was not subordinate to the Main Command Headquarters of ABiH on April 12, 1993.
21 February 2012

Memic at al: Zulfikar detachment’s war diary

A witness for the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina claimed that indictee Zulfikar Alispago was not the commander of the Zulfikar Special Purposes Detachment at the time when, according to the indictment, the detachment’s members committed murders of civilians and prisoners of war in Trusina, in April 1993.
17 January 2012

Bojadzic: Custody Order Motion

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina files a motion with the State Court, requesting it to order custody for Nihad Bojadzic, who is charged with crimes in Jablanica in 1993.
22 December 2011

Dzeko: Suspect a US citizen

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina has requested from the State Court to remand in custody Edin Dzeko, under suspicion of committing crimes in the territory of the municipality of Konjic.
29 July 2011

Divjak: I was freed by the words - Don't shoot!

Several hundred Sarajevo residents greeted with a roaring applause retired Army of BIH general Jovan Divjak, who said that he was saved from extradition to Serbia by the words “Don’t shoot!”,which he said on May 3, 1992 in Dobrovoljacka street.

20 October 2010

Fear of Batko Revenge Haunts Grbavica Victims

Veselin Vlahovic's reputation is such that many of those who say they saw him abduct or kill their neighbours in Sarajevo during the war are still afraid to identify themselves.

11 June 2009

Prcic: Another Status Conference on July 3

The Chamber has decided to have one more status conference before the beginning of the trial .