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People: Prodanovic Slavisa
16 June 2015

Krsmanovic Defense Presents Closing Statement, Calls for Acquittal

In its closing statement, Oliver Krsmanovic’s defense called on the court to hand down a verdict of acquittal, claiming that none of the 11 counts charging Krsmanovic with war crimes in Visegrad had been proven.
24 February 2015

Krsmanovic Fought with Milan Lukic, Witness Says

A protected witness testifying before the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), said that Oliver Krsmanovic was one of the paramilitary fighters who killed Bosniak civilians by shutting them into a burning house.
17 February 2015

Fundup Trial to Begin in March

The Radoman Fundup trial will most probably begin on March 3, at which date the indictment will be read and introductory statements will be presented.
9 January 2015

Custody Extension for Fundup Requested

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, requests the State Court to order an extension of custody for Radoman Fundup, who is charged with murder of civilians in the Foca area. The Defence objects to the proposal.

23 December 2014

New Unclear Issues regarding Recordings from Tribunal

Although the long-awaited audio recordings of protected witnesses' testimonies before The Hague Tribunal were ready to be reproduced at the trial of Oliver Krsmanovic for crimes in Visegrad, the hearing was postponed eventually.

21 October 2014

Witness Sure that Krsmanovic Drove a Truck

A protected witness’ statement is read at the trial of Oliver Krsmanovic, who is charged with crimes in Visegrad. In that statement the witness said that the indictee and Milan Lukic shot at civilians.

16 September 2014

Trial Postponed Due to Judge’s Illness

The trial of Oliver Krsmanovic for crimes in Visegrad has been postponed due to illness of a member of the Trial Chamber.
18 February 2014

Response from the Hague Finally Arrives

At the trial of Oliver Krsmanovic, who is charged with crimes in the Visegrad area, the Defence announces that it has received a response from The Hague Tribunal to its letter related to protected witnesses.

3 December 2013

Backlog Due to Hague Tribunal’s Slowness

The trial of Oliver Krsmanovic for crimes in Visegrad has been postponed, because The Hague Tribunal has still not responded to a request related to protected witnesses, which was submitted to it two months ago.

22 October 2013

Men Taken away from Rodica Brdo

As the trial of Oliver Krsmanovic for crimes in Visegrad continues, protected witness OK-22 speaks about a search of houses in Rodica Brdo village and taking of two men away.

17 September 2013

People Set On Fire At Bikavac

The defence of Oliver Krsmanovic read the deposition from two protected witnesses who testified about the burning of civilians at Bikavac in Visegrad.

20 August 2013

Defence Witnesses Speak about Abusers in Uzamnica

The first Defence witnesses in the trial of Oliver Krsmanovic’s say that they were abused during their detention in Uzamnica military barracks in Visegrad in 1992, but they do not mention the indictee.
28 May 2013

Indictee in “Vilina Vlas” with Lukic’s Team

Testifying at the trial for crimes in Visegrad, a Prosecution witness says that indictee Oliver Krsmanovic was among the “Milan Lukic’s team” members, who were present in “Vilina Vlas” hotel, when a girl was brought and mistreated.

26 March 2013

Images of My Dying Brother

In the trial of Oliver Krsmanovic for crimes in Visegrad, witness Hilmija Alihodzic stated that his brother was one of civilians from Sjeverin in Serbia who were abducted from the bus and have been unaccounted for ever since.

7 March 2013

Verdict of Release Requested

Presenting its closing statement, the Defence of indictee Milorad Zivkovic calls on the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to acquit its client of charges for crimes in Cajnice.