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People: Palija Jadranko
28 November 2007

Palija Sentenced to 28 years

After both parties presented their closing arguments, the first instance Trial Chamber pronounced Jadranko Palija guilty and sentenced him to 28 years' imprisonment.
27 November 2007

Palija: Indictment Revised

A day before the presentation of closing arguments, the Prosecution has revised part of the indictment against Jadranko Palija.
9 November 2007

Palija: Nice and Handsome Guy

Defence witnesses have claimed that Jadranko Palija did not take part in crimes committed in Sanski Most.
18 October 2007

Kapic indicted for war crimes in Sanski Most

The Prosecution of BiH has filed an indictment against Suad Kapic charging him with war crimes committed in Sanski Most.
5 September 2007

Palija: Witness Identifies Indictee

After identifying the indictee in the courtroom, a prosecution witness describes him as a man of whom others were afraid.
28 June 2007

Palija: Trial Postponed

The Palija trial has been postponed for two weeks due to absence of a Trial Chamber member.
20 June 2007

Palija: Beatings in Sanski Most

Prosecution witnesses have claimed that Jadranko Palija was involved in the mistreatment of civilians in Sanski Most.
10 May 2007

Palija: Detention, Murders and Deportations

A witness has told the Court how he lost his brother and father, then ended up in detention camp Manjaca in 1992.
26 April 2007

Palija: Leaving Begici

Three Prosecution witness have spoken of the forcible transfer of residents from the village of Begici.
14 March 2007

Date Set for Palija Trial

The Court of BiH has announced the beginning of another trial before the War Crimes Chamber.
22 January 2007

Goran Damjanovic released

The Court has allowed one more war crimes indictee to stand trial while on bail.
8 January 2007

Sanski Most accused is charged

Indictment is confirmed against former Army of  Republika Srpska member.
3 November 2006

Sanski Most suspect released

The Bosnian court has reversed its decision to keep Jadranko Palija in detention during investigation, and has ordered his release.