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People: Neskovic Dragan
8 November 2013

Verdict of Release against Neskovic and Ilic Confirmed

The Appellate Chamber confirmed a verdict, under which Dragan Neskovic and Zoran Ilic were acquitted of charges that they committed crimes against Srebrenica residents in July 1995.

13 September 2013

Bosnian Serb Policemen’s Srebrenica Acquittal Challenged

The Bosnian prosecution has appealed against the acquittal of Dragan Neskovic and Zoran Ilic, demanding a retrial for crimes against humanity over allegations that Bosniaks they captured were massacred.
5 April 2013

Marko Milos's Plea Hearing Postponed

The District Court in Doboj postpones a plea hearing in the case of Marko Milos, who is charged with crimes against civilians in Odzak and Bosanski Brod, because the indictee failed to appear in court.
30 August 2012

Neskovic and Ilic: Defence Asks for Acquittal

In its closing statement, Dragan Neskovic’s defence argued that the prosecution did not prove that he is guilty of crimes committed against Bosniaks in Srebrenica in July 1995.
20 July 2012

Neskovic and Ilic: Presentation of Evidence Completed

The presentation of evidence at the trial of Dragan Neskovic and Zoran Ilic, who are charged with crimes against humanity in Srebrenica in 1995, has been completed with the examination of the last Defence witness and presentation of evidence by the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
11 July 2012

Srebrenica - Center from Jahorina: Bullets and Dust Left All in Darkness

Survivor of warehouse slaughter at Kravica recalled the role in the Srebrenica massacre played by the Training Centre from Jahorina.
15 June 2012

Neskovic and Ilic: Prosecutor’s Credibility Questionable

The Trial Chamber sitting in the case of Dragan Neskovic and Zoran Ilic, who are charged with crimes against Srebrenica residents, did not accept a proposal for the examination of three additional State Prosecution witnesses.
10 May 2012

Neskovic and Ilic: Denying an Attack against Civilians

The Defence of indictee Zoran Ilic presents material evidence in an attempt to prove that the attack by the Republika Srpska Army, VRS in July 1995 was not aimed against civilians, but members of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina from Srebrenica.
29 March 2012

Neskovic and Ilic: Believing Ratko Mladic's Words

Testifying at the trial for crimes in Srebrenica, Defence witness Srbislav Davidovic says that he could not foresee the killing of Srebrenica residents in July 1995.
14 March 2012

Neskovic and Ilic: Giving an Alibi

Testifying at the trial for crimes in Srebrenica, three Defence witnesses say that they saw indictee Zoran Ilic in Bratunac in July 1995, adding that the indictee attended, along with other policemen, a farewell party for his brother, who was about to start his regular military service.
6 March 2012

Neskovic and Ilic: Escorted by police

At the trial for genocide in Srebrenica, three defence witnesses said defendant Zoran Ilic was in Bratunac and not in Kravica at the time when the mass murders were committed.
24 January 2012

Neskovic and Ilic: The Hague Protection Measures

The trial of Dragan Neskovic and Zoran Ilic, who are charged with crimes in Srebrenica, has been postponed due to the determination of protection measures which the witness who was to testify in this trial had in The Hague.
22 November 2011

Neskovic and Ilic: Destiny of Separated Men Unknown

Testifying at the trial for crimes in Srebrenica, a former member of the Dutch Battalion says that Serb soldiers separated Bosniak men from women and children in Potocari in July 1995 and took them to "a white house", but he does not know what happened to them after they were taken away from there.
18 October 2011

Neskovic and Ilic: Link between Graves and Shooting Locations

A former Hague Prosecution investigator says at the trial for Srebrenica crimes, that the bodies of Srebrenica residents that were found in the Glogova and Ravnice mass graves originated from the Agricultural Co-operative warehouse in Kravica, Bratunac municipality, where those people had been killed.
28 September 2011

Neskovic and Ilic: Back to Custody Order Requested

At the trial for crimes in Srebrenica the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina proposes to the State Court to order indictee Dragan Neskovic back to custody. He was released under prohibiting measures on September 14.