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People: Milic Zoran
8 May 2014

Bosnian Croat Fighter’s Family Murders Jail Term Cut

Former fighter Zoran Milic, who was convicted killing four members of a Bosniak family in Busovaca in 1993, had his prison sentence reduced from nine to seven years on appeal.
1 April 2014

Family Killings Conviction in Busovaca Challenged

Both prosecution and defence appealed against the nine-year sentence given to Bosnian Croat ex-fighter Zoran Milic, who was convicted of involvement in killing four Bosniaks in Busovaca in 1993.
25 December 2013

Bosnia Keeps Fewer Indictees in Custody

Only 14 of about 100 people indicted for the gravest crimes are currently in the custody of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

29 November 2013

Zoran Milic Sentenced to Nine Years

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina sentences Zoran Milic to nine years in prison for war crimes against the civilian population in Busovaca.

14 November 2013

Jail Urged Over Busovaca Family Murders

Prosecutors demanded jail for Bosnian Croat fighter Zoran Milic, accused of war crimes for allegedly killing four people including an elderly man and a disabled person in Busovaca in 1993.
7 November 2013

Presentation of Evidence Completed

The presentation of evidence at the trial for crimes in Busovaca has been completed. Closing statements are due to be presented on November 14.

31 October 2013

Milic Saved Neighbours

As the trial for crimes committed in the Busovaca area in 1993 continues, Defence witnesses say that indictee Zoran Milic helped them during the war.

22 October 2013

Defendant in Busovaca War Crimes Trial Dies

Former Bosnian Croat fighter Zoran Marinic, who was being tried for allegedly killing four Bosniak civilians in Busovaca in 1993, has died of a heart attack.

17 October 2013

Bosnian Croat Fighter Blames Co-Defendant For Shootings

Former Bosnian Croat fighter Zoran Marinic testified that his fellow war crimes defendant Zoran Milic opened fire with his Kalashnikov at two houses in Busovaca, where four members of one family were murdered in 1993.
10 October 2013

Indictee Marinic’s Testimony Postponed

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina completes the presentation of evidence against indictees Zoran Marinic and Zoraa Milic, who are on trial for crimes committed in Busovaca in 1993. The Defence announces that indictee Zoran Marinic will testify.

3 October 2013

Defendant Burned Down Witness's House

At the trial for crimes committed in Central Bosnia, the protected witness codenamed B-4 said that defendant Zoran Marinic broke into her house and set the rooms on fire in 1993.
26 September 2013

Bosnian Croat Fighters ‘Burned Homes, Killed Villagers’

A witness told the trial of two former Bosnian Croat fighters accused of killing a family in Busovaca in central Bosnia in 1993 how houses were torched when the village was attacked.
19 September 2013

Trial for Busovaca Crimes Postponed

The trial for crimes in the Busovaca area has been postponed, because two State Prosecution witnesses failed to appear in court.
12 September 2013

Houses on Fire

Testifying at the trial of former members of the Croatian Defence Council, HVO, who are charged with crimes in the Busovaca area, State Prosecution witnesses say that they heard about houses being set on fire, but they did not inquire about this.

5 September 2013

Drinking Alcohol and the Shooting

Testifying at the trial for crimes in the Busovaca area, a State Prosecution witness says that he heard about the murder of some civilians and participation of indictees Marinic and Milic in them from other people and newspapers.