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People: Ljubicic Pasko
16 April 2013

Remembrance for 116 People Killed in Ahmici

The twentieth anniversary of crimes committed by the Croatian Defence Council, HVO, in Ahmici village, near Vitez, where 116 civilians were killed, was marked in Stari Vitez and Ahmici.
30 December 2010

More than three hundred years of imprisonment

In its sixth year of operation, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina Chamber for War Crimes sentenced 15 persons to a total of 156 years in prison, and acquitted seven, while the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina claims that they are also investigating one thousand suspects over war crimes offences.
30 June 2009

Kovac: Another Was to Blame for Vitez Crimes

The defence for Ante Kovac claims much of the blame for the crimes with which he is charged lies with a person who has already been sentenced by The Hague.
8 July 2008

Justice and the Admission of Guilt

Guilt admission agreements concluded with war-crimes indictees are a source of controversy formany people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including legal experts who believe the practice often does not help determine the truth.
21 April 2008

Ljubicic: Plea agreement after years in detention

The State Prosecution and the Defence for Pasko Ljubic has reached a plea agreement that will be considered by the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on April 28.
10 April 2008

Bosniak Sue Republika Srpska Over Destroyed Heritage

Years after several hundred mosques were blown up, the Islamic Community is suing the Republika Srpska for damages in a landmark case.
25 March 2008

Kovac charged over Vitez Crimes

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina has filed an indictment against Ante Kovac, whom it holds responsible for war crimes committed against Bosniaks in Vitez municipality

7 January 2008

Ljubicic: Trial Postponed

The trial of Pasko Ljubicic has been postponed due to the absence of the international members of the Trial Chamber.
28 December 2007

Three Thousand Days of Detention

In 2007, the Court of BiH ordered custody for 29 war crimes suspects, some of whom were eventually indicted, while others were released without charge.
14 December 2007

Ljubicic: Public Excluded From Hearing

At the request of the Prosecution, the Court of BiH has excluded the public during the testimony of a protected witness.
28 November 2007

Ljubicic: Two Days in a Manhole

Two Prosecution witness recall what they lived through in detention camps in central Bosnia in 1993.

12 November 2007

Ljubicic: Soldiers in Black Uniforms

A Prosecution witness has spoken about the operations of the HVO and its "Jokers" Squad in Ahmici in April 1993.

19 October 2007

Ljubicic: Public excluded from trial

A protected prosecution witness has testified at the trial of Pasko Ljubicic - but behind closed doors.

26 September 2007

Ljubicic: Houses on Fire in Ahmici

A Prosecution witness claims to have seen members of HVO - the "Jokers" and the "Knights" - in the village of Ahmici in April 1993.
25 September 2007

Ljubicic: Scenes in Ahmici and Vitez

Another UNPROFOR British battalion officer has testified about the suffering of civilians in Central Bosnia.