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People: Karadzic Radovan
29 November 2007

Karadzic Family Files Appeal

After it reviews the appeal filed by the war crimes fugitive's family, the Appellate Chamber of the Court of BiH will decide whether it will issue a temporary ban on the free use of their property.
19 October 2007

Targeting Fugitives’ Family Finances

Bosnian observers react with suspicion to new pressure on local officials to target the finances of relatives of top war crimes suspects still at large.

6 August 2007

Miroslav Lajcak: Bosnia Needs Justice

Bosnia and Herzegovina's sixth High Representative tells Justice Report journalist that the main challenges facing the country – including police reform, constitutional changes and efforts to confront the past – can all be solved through dialogue and joint work by local and international actors.

18 July 2007

Momcilo Mandic Cleared of all Charges

Following eight months of the trial, presentation of hundreds of pieces of material evidence and testimonies of tens of witnesses, the Trial Chamber has concluded that Momcilo Mandic is not responsible for the crimes charged upon him.
20 June 2007

Gojko Klickovic Extradited to BiH

The former prime minister of Republika Srpska, suspected for crimes against humanity, is in custody in Sarajevo.
1 June 2007

ICTY: Zdravko Tolimir in the Hague

Indictee, charged with genocide and war crimes in Srebrenica has cancer.
16 May 2007

Kravica: Illness Halts Deronjic Testimony

Miroslav Deronjic's testimony has been postponed due to his illness.
10 May 2007

JUSTICE REPORT - REGIONAL: Karadzic’s Family Bemoan Harassment in Montenegro

Relatives of war-crimes fugitive claim police target them for standing by their ‘hero’.
26 April 2007

Fighting for the Future

Despite violence and intimidation, some courageous young people in Bratunac are committed to raising awareness about the legacy of the war in order to promote a better future for themselves and their community.
23 November 2006

Mandic: Handshake with Karadzic

Former camp inmate describes how he shook Radovan Karadzic’s hand for cameras
15 November 2006

Mandic: Witnesses speak of Kula

Four new prosecution witnesses have spoken of the Kula detention camp located near Sarajevo, which was allegedly under the jurisdiction of Momcilo Mandic, a former high ranking official of the Bosnian Serb government.