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People: Jurisic Ilija
26 August 2013

Bosnian Serbs “Were Breaking” Bosnia and Herzegovina

While cross-examining Defence’s expert in history Robert Donia, Ratko Mladic’s Defence says that the referendum on independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina in February 1992 was “unlawful and anti-constitutional”, because it was conducted despite opposition by Serbs, as one of the constitutional peoples, and violated the constitutional prohibition of outvoting based on ethnic grounds.

20 October 2010

Local justice – Jurisic: Retrial Full of Uncertainties

After the first instance verdict against Ilija Jurisic was abolished by a Belgrade appeals court, the Jurisic's Defence is awaiting the next step by the Serbian war crimes prosecutor with much trepidation.
11 October 2010

Belgrade Court Overturns Jurisic Verdict

The Appellate Court in Belgrade has overturned the first-instance verdict against former Bosnian security officer Ilija Jurisic and ordered a retrial in a controversial case that has strained relations between Sarajevo and Belgrade.
11 December 2009

Tuzla Convoy Investigation Suspended

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina stops an investigation against Selim Beslagic and six other people, who were suspected of involvement in "the Tuzla convoy" crime committed in May 1992.


29 September 2009

Tuzla Citizens Protest Belgrade Verdict

Several hundred Tuzla citizens have come out onto the streets to protest the verdict handed down by the War Crimes Court in Belgrade in the case of Ilija Jurisic, a native of Tuzla.
22 April 2009

Serbian Probe into JNA Deaths Alarms Bosnians

Serbia’s move to investigate the May 1992 killings of JNA soldiers in Sarajevo raises as many questions as it answers.
25 September 2007

Fate of Tuzla War Crimes Suspect to be Decided in Serbia

The BiH justice minister claims that the local authorities are doing all they can to resolve the case of Ilija Jurisic, who has been in custody in Belgrade for five months.