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People: Gavric Milisav
19 February 2014

'No Results' From Serbia-Bosnia War Crimes Deal

Not a single person has been brought to justice within a year of the signing of a landmark protocol on cooperation in war crimes cases between Bosnia and Serbia.
17 February 2014

Bosnian Prosecutors Admit Bungling Srebrenica Cases

Sarajevo prosecutors said they couldn’t ask Belgrade to launch two cases against Bosnian Serbs accused of involvement in the Srebrenica massacres because they forgot to get all the witness statements.
14 February 2014

Srebrenica Victims Request Urgent Explanation

Representatives of the “Mothers of Srebrenica and Zepa Enclaves” Association will request the Chief State Prosecutor of Bosnia and Herzegovina to explain why a proposal for processing three Srebrenica crimes indictees in Serbia has been withdrawn.
14 February 2014

Bosnia Rejects Srebrenica Massacre Prosecutions in Serbia

Sarajevo prosecutors decided not to ask Belgrade to launch two cases against former Bosnian Serb policemen accused of involvement in the Srebrenica massacres.
12 June 2008

Indictement against Milisav Gavric

Milisav Gavric, who is charged with crimes against humanity committed in Srebrenica as per an indictment confirmed on June 12, 2008, is currently on the run in Serbia.