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10 June 2015

Bosnian Army Wartime Commander Naser Oric Arrested

Oric, the commander of Bosniak forces in Srebrenica, was arrested in Switzerland on suspicion of committing war crimes against Serbs near the eastern Bosnian town in 1992.
17 January 2013

Mladic: Each Sniper under Control

Former UNPROFOR Commander in Bosnia and Herzegovina Michael Rose says that indictee Ratko Mladic had “an absolute control and command” over the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, which opened “disproportionate” artillery fire on Sarajevo in 1994 and 1995, causing civilian victims.
6 December 2012

Mladic: General Fraser's Examination Continues

The trial of the former Bosnian Serb army chief, Ratko Mladic, continued with the cross examination of the former deputy commander of the UN protection forces, UNPROFOR, in Sarajevo, Canadian General David Fraser.
10 October 2012

Mladic: Predominant Serb and American Forces

During the trial of Ratko Mladic, who is charged with genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Defence compares the shelling of Sarajevo from Republika Srpska Army, VRS positions with the U.S.-led “Operation Deliberate Force”, designed to quickly weaken the enemy.
3 May 2012

Parallel Probes Fail to Solve Dobrovoljacka Street Mystery

Two decades on from the attack that killed seven JNA soldiers, efforts to solve the case are in disarray, while Bosnian Serbs claim to be collecting fresh evidence.
17 March 2011

Dodik Threat To Arrest Bosnian War Criminals Condemned

Serb leader accused of unconstitutional bluster, for claiming Bosnian Serb entity has authority to arrest war criminals and extradite them to Serbia.
4 March 2011

Divjak to Be “Informed about Charges” Today

Haris Hrle, ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Austria, tells BIRN-Justice Report that he spoke to a prosecutor and judge in Vienna and expects that retired Bosnian General Jovan Divjak will be “informed about the charges against him” today.
16 July 2010

Ganic Extradition Hearings Draw to Close

The last hearing in the extradition case of wartime Bosnian leader Ejup Ganic was held on July 14 before the Westminster Magistrates court in London.
6 July 2010

Ganic Extradition Hearing Begins in London

An extradition hearing for Ejup Ganic, a member of Bosnia's wartime presidency, got underway today before a British court. Ganic is wanted by Serbia, where he is considered a suspect in a war crimes case.
24 June 2010

Ganic: Decision in mid July

Objections filed by the Defence of Ejup Ganic, a former member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, pertaining to the British Court's competence and the alleged misuse of proceedings, will be considered at the same time as Serbia's request for his extradition, in mid July this year, Damir Arnaut, a member of Ganic's legal team, said.
12 June 2010

Ganic: New Hearing Scheduled for June 24

A hearing has been held at the request of the Defence of Ejup Ganic, a former member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, before Westminster Court in London to discuss the Court's competence and the alleged misuse of proceedings, the latter of which is denied by the Prosecution, which is representing the
suit brought against Ganic by the authorities in Serbia.
13 April 2010

Ganic: Extradition Proceedings Begin

A hearing has been held before the Elementary Court in London to discuss the extradition of Ejup Ganic, former member of the wartime Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to present documents on the basis of which the Republic of Serbia has requested Ganic's extradition. 
10 March 2010

Request for Ganic's Arrest Illegal

At a hearing before the Westminster Magistrates Court in London, the team of attorneys representing Ejup Ganic has argued that Serbia's request for the arrest of Ganic is illegal since it was based on "an outdated investigation".
5 March 2010

Protests Held in Sarajevo in Support of Ejup Ganic

More than three thousand students from Sarajevo Science and Technology School, representatives of war veterans associations and Sarajevo citizens gathered to express their dissatisfaction with the arrest of Ejup Ganic.
4 March 2010

Ejup Ganic to Appear in Court on Friday

Ejup Ganic will be questioned before a British High Court on Friday, March 5 - his daughter Emina Ganic told Justice Report.