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People: Divjak Jovan
10 June 2015

Bosnian Army Wartime Commander Naser Oric Arrested

Oric, the commander of Bosniak forces in Srebrenica, was arrested in Switzerland on suspicion of committing war crimes against Serbs near the eastern Bosnian town in 1992.
25 May 2012

Memic et al: Even if Absent, Commander is Responsible

Testifying at the trial for crimes in Trusina, witness Jovan Divjak explains that a commander is responsible for subordinate soldiers, even if he is absent from his unit for “an undetermined” period of time.
22 May 2012

Memic et al: Conversation with Nihad Bojadzic

Testifying at the trial of six former members of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ABiH, a protected State Prosecution witness says that indictee Nihad Bojadzic informed him, in the evening on April 16, 1993, that his comrade Samir Semsovic, known as Samko, was killed, adding that he heard later on that this happened in Trusina, near Konjic.
3 May 2012

Parallel Probes Fail to Solve Dobrovoljacka Street Mystery

Two decades on from the attack that killed seven JNA soldiers, efforts to solve the case are in disarray, while Bosnian Serbs claim to be collecting fresh evidence.
29 July 2011

Divjak: I was freed by the words - Don't shoot!

Several hundred Sarajevo residents greeted with a roaring applause retired Army of BIH general Jovan Divjak, who said that he was saved from extradition to Serbia by the words “Don’t shoot!”,which he said on May 3, 1992 in Dobrovoljacka street.

17 March 2011

Dodik Threat To Arrest Bosnian War Criminals Condemned

Serb leader accused of unconstitutional bluster, for claiming Bosnian Serb entity has authority to arrest war criminals and extradite them to Serbia.
9 March 2011

Austrian Appeal for “Assessment” of Existing Warrants

Following a meeting with Bosnian officials, Austria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it will appeal for an assessment of existing warrants in the former Yugoslavia, so “Ejup Ganic and Tihomir Purda cases” will not happen again.


7 March 2011

Support to Jovan Divjak in Berlin and Vienna

The Society for Threatened Peoples International, in cooperation with associations of Bosnian citizens in Austria, on Monday organised protests against the arrest of Jovan Divjak, a former general of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina detained on a Serbian warrant over war crimes charges.

4 March 2011

Divjak to Be “Informed about Charges” Today

Haris Hrle, ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Austria, tells BIRN-Justice Report that he spoke to a prosecutor and judge in Vienna and expects that retired Bosnian General Jovan Divjak will be “informed about the charges against him” today.
22 April 2009

Serbian Probe into JNA Deaths Alarms Bosnians

Serbia’s move to investigate the May 1992 killings of JNA soldiers in Sarajevo raises as many questions as it answers.