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People: Damjanovic Goran
17 May 2007

Damjanovic brothers: Evidence Process Completed

The final prosecution witness has appeared at the trial of two brothers accused of beating Bosniak civilians in a Sarajevo suburb.
15 February 2007

Damjanovic brother takes the stand

Zoran Damjanovic, who is accused of beating civilians in a Sarajevo suburb, has testified before the Court of BiH to deny his guilt.
23 January 2007

Damjanovic brothers: Prosecutor questions witnesses' honesty

On Monday, the Bosnian prosecution cross-examined defence witnesses at the trial of Goran and Zoran Damjanovic. 
22 January 2007

Goran Damjanovic released

The Court has allowed one more war crimes indictee to stand trial while on bail.
14 December 2006

Damjanovic brothers: Character witness appears

The defence attorneys representing Goran and Zoran Damjanovic have questioned a witness who spoke of being acquainted with the indictees.
27 November 2006

Damjanovic brothers: Defence phase postponed

Lawyers representing Goran Damjanovic – one of two brothers accused of war crimes – will try to prove that their client has an alibi for the time the offence took place.
17 October 2006

Protected witnesses testify against Damjanovic brothers

Former camp inmates who claim that indictees Goran and Zoran Damjanovic physically abused them in June 1992 have testified before the Bosnian court.
12 October 2006

Damjanovic: Witness speaks of surviving massacre

The first prosecution witness in the case against brothers Damjanovic have described what happened in Bojnik in May 1992.