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People: Bogdanovic Velibor
18 September 2015

Verdict Partially Repealed in Velibor Bogdanovic Case

The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina repealed a portion of the verdict in the Velibor Bogdanovic trial, specifically the section on the application of law. After this decision, the prosecution and the defense presented their appeals related to Bogdanovic’s sentencing at the appeals chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

19 November 2013

About Twenty More BiH Court Verdicts under Question

Defence attorneys of convicts sentenced for genocide and war crimes before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina announce that proceedings will be renewed in many more cases due to the wrong application of the Criminal Code.

2 September 2011

Warrant issued over Velibor Bogdanovic

Based on a request from the State Court, an international warrant is issued for Velibor Bogdanovic who is sentenced in absentia to six years in prison for crimes against civilians in Mostar 1993.
8 July 2011

Bogdanovic: No Doubt about Crime

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina calls on the Trial Chamber to pronounce a verdict of conviction against Velibor Bogdanovic, who is charged with war crimes in Mostar.
10 May 2011

Bogdanovic: Giving an Alibi

At the trial for war crimes committed in Mostar, a Defence witness offers an alibi for indictee Velibor Bogdanovic, saying that he was not present at the crime scene in May 1993.


15 March 2011

Bogdanovic: Recalling a Meeting

A Prosecution witness claims to have seen indictee Velibor Bogdanovic in the apartment of her neighbour, who was allegedly raped by the indictee.

2 February 2011

Bogdanovic: Gun Pointed at Head

A Prosecution witness identifies indictee Velibor Bogdanovic as the person who came to his apartment accompanied by five other unidentified soldiers in May 1993, and raped his wife and took him to Heliodrom detention camp.
11 November 2010

Indictment for Mostar Crimes Confirmed

The State Court has confirmed an indictment against Velibor Bogdanovic, a former member of the Croatian Defence Council, who is charged with crimes against civilians committed in the Mostar area.