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People: Blaskic Tihomir
18 April 2011

Local Justice: Anniversary of Murder of Civilians in Zenica

The 18th anniversary of the murder of civilians in Zenica will be marked in Tuesday, April 19. On that day in 1993 a grenade killed 17 people and wounded another 78, though no one has been tried or convicted for the attack.
30 June 2009

Kovac: Another Was to Blame for Vitez Crimes

The defence for Ante Kovac claims much of the blame for the crimes with which he is charged lies with a person who has already been sentenced by The Hague.
12 June 2009

Kovac: Mario Cerkez' Responsibility

Vladimir Santic and indictee Ante Kovac testify for the defence.
8 January 2009

Changes to Jail Terms Raise Doubts about Justice

Drastic revisions in prison sentences between first and second instances are either a sign that the appeal process if working well, or a sign that something is very wrong with the judicial system.
11 May 2007

Ljubicic Trial Starts

Former HVO member says that he has been in custody for so long that he feels like a "prisoner in Guantanamo".