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People: Bjelica Marinko
14 March 2014

Kalinovik Crimes Trial Starts on April 3

The trial of Marinko and Zoran Bjelica, as well as Novica Tripkovic, who are all charged with crimes in Kalinovik, will start on April 3 with the reading of the indictment and introductory statements.
20 February 2014

Bjelica's and Tripkovic Deny Charges

Father and son Marinko and Zoran Bjelica, as well as Novica Tripkovic - all former Bosnian Serb Army servicemen - pleaded not guilty to participating in the murder and torture of Bosniak civilians detained in the Miladin Radojevic school building in Kalinovik, south of Sarajevo, in August 1992.
16 January 2014

Measures against Indicted Father and Son Discussed

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina requests an extension of prohibiting measures against Marinko Bjelica and extension of custody for his son Zoran Bjelica, who are charged with crimes in Kalinovik.

31 December 2013

Kalinovik Crimes Indictment

The fifth indictment in two days was raised by the Bosnian Prosecution against Marinko and Zoran Bjelica and Novica Tripkovic for crimes in Kalinovik.
23 December 2013

Custody and Prohibiting Measures against the Bjelicas

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina orders one-month custody for Zoran Bjelica, who is suspected of crimes in Kalinovik, and prohibiting measures for Marinko Bjelica.

19 December 2013

Custody for Zoran Bjelica Requested

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina requests custody for Zoran Bjelica and orders prohibiting measures for Marinko Bjelica, both of whom were arrested due to a suspicion that they committed crimes in Kalinovik.

26 September 2008

Bundalo et al: Unforgettable experience

A former detainee from Kalinovik speaks about the participation of soldiers and policemen in guarding detention centres in the course of 1992.