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19 May 2010

Hodzic: Acquittal Appealed

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina calls on the Court to revoke the first instance verdict acquitting Ferid Hodzic of crimes committed in Vlasenica, and order a retrial, while the Defence says the indictee's responsibility for capturing and detaining civilians and prisoners-of-war has not been proved.
22 June 2009

Bastah et al: Preparations for "civil war"

The Defence of Goran Viskovic presents ten pieces of material evidence in an attempt to prove "the activities conducted by the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina" in Vlasenica. 
22 June 2009

Hodzic: Cerska Commander ‘Had No Power’

At the trial of Ferid Hodzic, defence witnesses maintained the indictee could not have been responsible for any crimes committed in the ‘Stala’ prison in Rovasi.

15 May 2009

Hodzic: Verdict Due on June 26

The Trial Chamber, sitting in the case of Ferid Hodzic, sets preliminary dates for the presentation of closing arguments and verdict.

26 March 2009

Hodzic: Indictee's Responsibility

An additional Prosecution witness claims the indictee "had control over the prison guards" in Rovasi hamlet, where Serb detainees were held.
6 March 2009

Hodzic: Last Defence witness

The last Defence witness at the trial of Ferid Hodzic once again denies that the Army had responsibility for "Stala" prison. 
27 February 2009

Hodzic: No Contact With Prisoners

A Defence witness claims that Ferid Hodzic did not have any competencies in regard to military forces located in Cerska.
22 September 2008

Hodzic: Trial postponed until further notice

Following the testimony of a court expert, the Trial Chamber decides to postpone the main trial against Ferid Hodzic until further notice.

28 August 2008

Hodzic: Certain problems

The Trial Chamber orders an urgent medical examination of the indictee in order to determine whether he can follow the trial.
18 August 2008

Hodzic: Incapable of following the trial

A team of medical doctors considers Ferid Hodzic incapable of following the trial.
14 July 2008

Hodzic: Trial postponed

Due to the indictee's bad health it is still not know when the trial for Rovasi hamlet crimes will continue.
8 July 2008

Justice and the Admission of Guilt

Guilt admission agreements concluded with war-crimes indictees are a source of controversy formany people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including legal experts who believe the practice often does not help determine the truth.
23 June 2008

Hodzic: Indictee hospitalized

The trial for Vlasenica crimes has been postponed until further notice due to the sickness of indictee Ferid Hodzic.
5 June 2008

Courts Need Clearer Rules on War Crime Trials

New strategies need to be developed to clarify which war crime cases go before the State Court, and which can be safely referred to lower courts.
22 May 2008

Hodzic: Joint Staffs

A Defence witness says that the indictee was commander of the Joint Staffs, based in Rovasi, in May 1992.