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People: Begic Nedim
17 December 2013

Cicak Surrenders Voluntarily

Ivo Cicak “Pendekov”, who is suspected of war crimes committed in Tomislavgrad municipality, surrenders to the Cantonal Court in Livno. Cicak surrenders voluntarily after an international warrant was issued against him.

13 May 2013

A Room for Protected Witnesses in Livno Being Arranged

During May and June 2013 the Livno Cantonal Court will stop processing criminal cases in order to arrange a premises for protected witnesses and a courtroom, where war crimes trials as well as other trials, will be held.

21 January 2010

Livno Pledges to Get Tough on War Crime Cases

While courts promise to deploy more resources, victims have doubts, noting the inactivity of the judiciary in the area over the past 15 years.