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People: Basic Veljko
10 August 2011

Court Experts: An Unnecessary Expense?

There are some who believe, particularly the victims of war crimes, that the expert analysis of indictees, which decides whether an indictee is fit to stand trial for war crimes before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is in fact an unnecessary drain on budgetary resources and obstructs the court proceedings.
11 July 2008

Basic: Prohibitive measures terminated

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has terminated all prohibitive measures against Veljko Basic, who is charged with crimes in the Vlasenica area.
3 July 2008

Basic: Permanently unable to follow the trial

After separating this case from the indictment for Vlasenica crimes due to indictee Veljko Basic's poor health, the decision on further measures to be undertaken by the Court is still pending.
3 July 2008

Bastah et al: Crimes based on ethnicity

The State Prosecution intends to prove that crimes against civilians in the Vlasenica area was exclusively based on ethnicity.
27 June 2008

Bastah et al: Basic cannot attend trial

Defendant Veljko Basic, according to expert opinion, is not fit to stand trial, leading to the adjournment beginning of the Vlasenica crimes trial.
13 May 2008

Bastah et al: Court records a not guilty plea

After indictee Predrag Bastah again said that he could not enter his plea for health reasons, the preliminary hearing judge recorded a plea of not guilty on his behalf.