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People: Barasin Milorad
23 October 2015

Explanation of Court Expert’s Findings Requested at Pero Radisic Trial

At today’s hearing of the Pero Radisic trial, the chamber decided to invite a court expert to testify on whether a witness named Fadila Sivic could testify in the courtroom.
8 October 2015

Bosnia Prosecutor Says Negligence Case Sends Wrong Message

A former Bosnian state prosecutor said if he is found guilty of prioritizing complex war crimes cases instead of focusing on simple ones, it will send 'a dangerous message".
19 February 2015

Prosecution Requests Guilty Verdict in Indira Kameric Case

The Bosnian state prosecution has requested that former Croat fighter Indira Kameric be found guilty for crimes she allegedly committed in the Bosanski Brod area in 1992.
13 February 2015

Radisic Trial Postponed, Witnesses Fail to Show Up

The trial of former Bosnian Serb fighter Pero Radisic has been postponed, as two prosecution witnesses failed to attend today’s hearing.
30 January 2015

Knife on Throat

Testifying at the trial of Pero Radisic, known as Django, who is charged with crimes in Teslic, the first State Prosecution witness says that, in 1994 the indictee put a knife on her throat and threatened her that he would slaughter her.
20 November 2014

Mistaken Identity of Indira Kameric

At the trial of Indira Kameric, who is charged with crimes in Bosanski Brod, the Defence presents several documents, trying to prove that the indictee worked with the municipality during 1992 and that the indictee’s identity has been mixed-up in this case.
4 September 2014

Undisputable Evidence Presented

At the trial of Indira Kameric, who is charged with crimes in Bosanski Brod, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, presents a few pieces of material evidence, which the Defence does not consider disputable.
28 November 2013

Bosnian Croat’s Prisoner Torture Trial Opens

Josip Tolic, a former Croatian Defence Council fighter, went on trial for war crimes over the alleged torture and rape of Serb civilians detained in Odzak and Bosanski Brod in 1992.
13 December 2012

Bosnia Gets New Chief State Prosecutor

The High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina has announced that Goran Salihovic has been appointed the Chief Prosecutor of the Bosnian State Prosecution.
14 May 2012

Barasin Returns to Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Milorad Barasin has been transferred from the position of chief prosecutor to the position of prosecutor with the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina – this has been announced by the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council, HJPC of Bosnia and Herzegovina following the completion of a disciplinary procedure. a.
21 April 2011

'No Alternative' to the State Court and Prosecution

During a discussion of the future of the State Court and Prosecution, members of these institutions say that there is “no alternative” to state-level judicial authorities.
16 February 2011

Extradition of Berko Zecevic “Stopped Until Further Notice”

Although the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina says that a warrant for the transfer of Berko Zecevic to the Hague has been issued, Zecevic's defence attorney Dusko Tomic told BIRN-Justice Report that the process has been “stopped until further notice”.

30 December 2010

More than three hundred years of imprisonment

In its sixth year of operation, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina Chamber for War Crimes sentenced 15 persons to a total of 156 years in prison, and acquitted seven, while the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina claims that they are also investigating one thousand suspects over war crimes offences.
30 December 2010

Zdravko Knezevic: Gordian Knot Hampers Bosnia’s War Crimes Strategy

Federation entity’s Chief Prosecutor is optimistic that Bosnia can meet deadlines to resolve outstanding cases, but only if certain conditions are met.
29 December 2010

BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina: Six years of intensive work

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN B&H) has launched a series of new projects in 2010, by which it intensified the work on informing the public about the war crimes trials, and thus achieved significant results in the sixth year of its existence