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People: Babic Zoran
3 July 2009

Koricanske stijene: One Month Custody for Sasa Zecevic

Sasa Zecevic, a former member of the Prijedor police special response team, accused of taking part in the execution of over 200 civilians on Mount Vlasic, has been remanded in custody for a month by the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
1 July 2009

Koricanske stijene: Testimony About Indescribable Horrors

In testimony lasting several hours, Damir Ivankovic recalls in detail the crime committed in August 1992 at Koricanske stijene.
9 June 2009

Koricanske stijene: Life-saving Jump

A witness, who survived the shooting at Koricanske stijene, claims that Serb soldiers cremated the bodies of the dead the following day.
8 June 2009

Koricanske stijene: Shouting and Shooting

People who joined the convoy heading to Travnik say they found out that other civilians who were in the same convoy had been killed at Koricanske stijene only after they had arrived in Travnik.
25 May 2009

Koricanske stijene: Nausea and Shock

A witness who saw the shooting of civilians at Koricanske stijene says indictee Gordan Djuric participated in escorting and guarding the convoy of people who were going to be exchanged. 
19 May 2009

Koricanske stijene: Left By the Road

A protected Prosecution witness claims that from a hiding place he could hear, but not see, the murder of civilians at Koricanske stijene.
12 May 2009

Koricanske stijene: Robbing Prisoners

A Prosecution witness identifies the three indictees, saying that she saw them at Koricanske stijene on August 21, 1992.
14 April 2009

Koricanske stijene: Warning About Convoy

Two Prosecution witnesses speak about the shooting of civilians at Koricanske stijene.
13 April 2009

Koricanske stijene: Unfulfilled Task

A Prosecution witness speaks about an order to undertake a crime scene inspection at the location where more than 200 civilians were killed, adding that the order was never executed.
7 April 2009

Koricanske stijene: Images from the abyss

Prosecution witnesses describe aftermath of killing at Koricanske stijene in August 1992.

31 March 2009

Koricanske stijene: Horror scene

First Prosecution witnesses speak about the day they saw "about 200 killed civilians" at Koricanske stijene on Mount Vlasic.
8 January 2009

First indictment for Koricanske stijene crime

The State Prosecution files an indictment against eight persons for crimes committed at Koricanske stijene in 1992.
14 November 2008

Koricanske stijene: Suspects to remain in custody

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina orders a two-month extension of custody for the three suspects accused of crime at Koricanske stijene.
30 May 2008

Thirty day custody ordered for Dusan Jankovic

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has ordered the custody of one of the four suspects believed to have committed crimes at Koricanske stijene.