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23 January 2014

Significantly Shorter Sentences for Kravica Crimes Requested

The Defence of five indictees, who were released after the verdicts against them for assisting in the Srebrenica genocide was quashed, request the Court to reduce their sentence to between five and 15 years, while the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina requests maximal imprisonment sentences.

14 November 2013

Jail Urged Over Busovaca Family Murders

Prosecutors demanded jail for Bosnian Croat fighter Zoran Milic, accused of war crimes for allegedly killing four people including an elderly man and a disabled person in Busovaca in 1993.
31 October 2013

Milic Saved Neighbours

As the trial for crimes committed in the Busovaca area in 1993 continues, Defence witnesses say that indictee Zoran Milic helped them during the war.

23 May 2013

‘Stress’ Disrupts Bosnian Croats’ Trial For Busovaca Killings

The war crimes trial of two former fighters accused of killing Bosniak civilians in Busovaca in central Bosnia in 1993 was postponed because one defendant fell ill due to stress.
26 April 2013

Sarajevo Trial for Busovaca War Crimes Begins

Former Croatian Defence Forces fighters Zoran Marinic and Zoranu Milic went on trial for the killings of Bosniak civilians in the town of Busovaca in 1993.
26 March 2013

Prosecution Proposes Extension of Custody

The BiH Prosecution proposed to the court to extend the custody of Zoran Milic, who is charged with crimes against civilians in Busovaca in 1993.

17 June 2011

Outcry Over Limit to War Crimes Defence Lawyers

State Court says it will pay for only one defence lawyer per war-crimes case in future. Attorneys say the move will inevitably affect the quality of the service they can offer.
14 April 2010

Custody Extension for Genocide Suspects Requested

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina files a motion requesting extension of custody of three people suspected of genocide in Srebrenica, while the Defence teams object to the motion, calling for prohibiting measures instead.
16 March 2010

Radic et al: Increased Sentences or Retrial

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina calls for an increase in the sentences handed down to the three indictees convicted of crimes committed in Vojno, near Mostar, while the Defence calls for the first instance verdict to be overturned and a retrial to be conducted.
30 October 2009

Custody for Srebrenica Three rendered

The State Court rendered a decision to order a one-month custody for Dusko Jevic, Mendeljev Djuric and Zoran Ilic, who are suspected of genocide committed in Srebrenica in 1995.
18 April 2008

Radic et al: The First Battalion responsibility zone

A Defence witness speaks about the zone of responsibility of the Fist Bijelo polje HVO Battalion, which was commanded in July 1993, as alleged in the indictment, by Marko Radic.
29 January 2008

Vlasenica Custody Plea

The Prosecution of BiH has asked that three suspects from Vlasenica be held in custody.
27 June 2007

Kravica: Defence Wants 100 Witnesses

Lawyers representing 11 indictees charged with genocide have presented their proposed evidence plan.
2 February 2007

Late payments anger defence lawyers

The fairness of war crimes trials at the Court of BiH has been called into question after defence attorneys complained of irregular payments.
25 January 2007

Kravica: Poor health halts trial

The Trial Chamber has put proceedings on hold until February 7 on the advice of court medical experts.