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People: Anic Miroslav
19 March 2013

Did Not See the Accused

At the retrial in the case of Ermin Curtic for the crime committed in Stupni Do village, a defence witness stated that he had not seen the accused during the attack.

23 September 2011

Bosnia Victims Query Value of Guilt Agreements

Courts in Bosnia increasingly rely on guilt pleas to speed up trials secure verdicts – but many victims groups feel justice is being sacrificed in the name of expediency.
25 May 2011

Anic: Verdict Due on May 31

The State Court accepts a guilt admission agreement signed between Miroslav Anic and the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina for participation in an attack on Stupni Do village and schedules the pronouncement of a verdict for Tuesday, May 31.
14 March 2011

Anic: Dealing with “Technical Details”

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina has asked the State Court to order a one-month extension of custody for Miroslav Anic, who is suspected of war crimes committed in the Vares and Kiseljak area.

18 January 2011

Local Justice – Curtic: Indictee not Present in Stupni Do

A former member of the Croatian Defence Council, HVO, testifies in defence of Ermin Curtic, who is charged with crimes committed in Stupni Do, and says that he did not see him in the village in October 1993.

23 December 2010

Local Justice - Curtic: Framed-up Process

Testifying in defence of Ermin Curtic before the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo, Dominik 'Como' Ilijasevic says the process has been framed-up in order to have him sentenced.
3 November 2010

Miroslav Anic Admits Guilt for Crimes Committed in Stupni Do

The State Court on Wednesday ordered one-month custody for Miroslav Anic, known as Firga, after he pleaded guilty to three counts against him related to crimes committed against civilians and prisoners of war in the Kiseljak and Vares area.