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11 April 2016

Bosnian Army Troops ‘Beat and Abused’ Vitez Prisoners

At the trial of five former Bosnian Army soldiers for wartime prisoner abuse in the Vitez area, a prosecution witness testified that he was beaten up and subjected to a mock execution.


8 April 2016

Witness Recalls Manjaca Detainees’ Disappearances

At the trial of a former Sanski Most police chief, a prosecution witness recalled how he found out that several prisoners who were transported to the Manjaca detention camp with him were killed.


7 April 2016

Bosnian Serb Fighter’s Visegrad Crimes Sentence Reduced

The sentence handed down to Vitomir Rackovic for the rape, unlawful arrest, abuse and beating of Bosniak civilians from villages in the Visegrad area was cut to 10 years on appeal.


6 April 2016

Paris Court Approves Radomir Susnjar Extradition

A court in Paris has approved the extradition of Radomir Susnjar, alias Lalco, who is suspected of burning down a house full of Bosniaks in Visegrad, to Bosnia and Herzegovina.


5 April 2016

Former Bosnian Presidency Member Goes on Trial

Borislav Paravac, a Serb former member of Bosnia’s tripartite presidency, went on trial for taking part in wartime attacks that killed several hundred Bosniaks and Croats in 1992 and 1993.


5 April 2016

Bosniak Commander Oric ‘Ordered Burning of Village’

Prosecution witnesses at the war crimes trial of the former Bosnian Army commander in Srebrenica, Naser Oric, said he captured Serbs then ordered his troops to torch a village in 1992.


4 April 2016

Bosnian Serb Soldier ‘Raped Pregnant Mother’ in Foca

A protected witness told the trial of former Bosnian Serb soldier Krsto Dostic, accused of wartime crimes in the Foca area, that the defendant raped her while she was pregnant.


4 April 2016

Bosnia Charges New Strpci Kidnap-Murder Suspect

Serb ex-fighter Miodrag Mitrasinovic has been charged with crimes against 20 passengers kidnapped from a train at Strpci railway station in February 1993 and then murdered.


1 April 2016

Bosnian Army Soldier’s Prisoner Abuse Trial Opens

Former Bosnian Army soldier Edhem Zilic went on trial accused of crimes against the civilian population in Konjic in 1993, including beating detainees and enabling guards to rape prisoners.


1 April 2016

Bosnian Serb Defendant Charged with Plotting Lawyer’s Murder

The Bosnian prosecution filed an indictment against ex-soldier Milenko Krsmanovic, accusing him of planning the murder of a lawyer from Sarajevo to prevent him from testifying in court.


31 March 2016

Serb Soldier Jailed for Shooting Bosniak Boy

Former soldier Srecko Boskovic was sentenced to eight years in prison by the appeals court for committing crimes against the civilian population in the Zvornik area in 1995.


31 March 2016

Hague Tribunal Acquits Vojislav Seselj of War Crimes

The UN court in The Hague found Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Seselj not guilty of crimes against humanity including murder, persecution and expulsions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia.


30 March 2016

Prosecution Urges 10-Year Sentence for Visegrad Disappearances

The prosecution called for former Bosnian Serb soldier Jovan Popovic to be sentenced to at least ten years in prison for detaining civilians in Visegrad who were never seen alive again.


30 March 2016

Witness Recalls Fleeing Srebrenica Executions

A witness testifying at the trial of Bosnian Serb ex-soldier Srecko Acimovic for the Srebrenica genocide said he fled the village of Rocevic in 1995 because he did not want to get involved in shooting.


29 March 2016

Hague Tribunal To Free Journalist Florence Hartmann

The Hague Tribunal granted early release to French journalist Hartmann, its former prosecution spokesperson who was arrested over an unpaid fine for publishing secret court information.