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27 April 2016

Bosniak Soldier Acquitted of Killing Serb Civilians

The cantonal court in Sarajevo has acquitted former Bosnian Army serviceman Azemin Sadikovic for a second time of the killing of four Serb civilians in the Hadzici municipality in May 1992.


26 April 2016

Srebrenica Bosniaks’ Bodies Seen at School and Warehouse

At the trial of five former Serb policemen for genocide in Srebrenica, a prosecution witness said he saw Bosniaks’ corpses near a school in Bratunac and at a warehouse in Kravica in July 1995.


26 April 2016

Former Bosnian Presidency Member’s Trial Hears Murder Claims

The first witness testified at the trial of Borislav Paravac, a Serb former member of Bosnia’s tripartite presidency, accused of participating in wartime attacks that killed several hundred Bosniaks and Croats.


25 April 2016

Croat Prisoners ‘Beaten and Abused’ in Kruscica Jail

At the trial of five Bosniak ex-fighters for abusing Croat detainees, a witness testified that the defendants were responsible for beatings and sexual abuse at the Crna Kuca prison in Kruscica.


25 April 2016

British Intelligence ‘Never Promised’ to Help Free Mladic

A defence witness told the Hague Tribunal he tried to convince Ratko Mladic to surrender in 1995, but denied assuring the Bosnian Serb military chief that British intelligence would help him evade prosecution.


21 April 2016

Bosnian Serb Soldier’s Visegrad Killings Conviction Appealed

The prosecution argued that former soldier Oliver Krsmanovic should also be convicted of rape, murder and torture, while the defence called for his 18-year jail sentence to be quashed.


20 April 2016

Bosnian Serb Soldier Recalls Mujahideen ‘Cutting off Heads’

A witness told the trial of former Bosnian Army Third Corps commander Sakib Mahmuljin that fighters from the El Mujahedeen unit cut off the heads of captured Serb soldiers.


19 April 2016

Trnovo Witness Recalls Discovery of Married Couple’s Bodies

At the trial of three fighters accused of detaining and killing Serbs in the Trnovo area, a prosecution witness described how the bodies of a married couple from the village of Bistrocaj were found.


19 April 2016

Bosnian Serb Ex-Policeman Urges Ripac Killings Acquittal

Ex-military policeman Zeljko Stanarevic’s defence said he was not involved in killing detainees in Ripac in 1992 and was only hitching a lift home in the area when the crime was committed.


18 April 2016

Mladic’s Defence Disputes Mass Grave Autopsies

A pathologist testifying in defence of former Bosnian Serb military commander Ratko Mladic contested an autopsy report about war victims’ bodies exhumed from a mass grave at the Tomasica mine near Prijedor.


15 April 2016

Vares Wartime Rape Convict Demands Retrial

Defence lawyers for Muhidin Basic, who was convicted of raping a woman in Vares in 1994, have asked the court to quash the verdict and order a retrial because they have found new evidence.


14 April 2016

Ljubuski Jail Guard ‘Used Prisoner as Target’

A witness at the trial of seven former guards at a wartime prison in Ljubuski said he was kept in filthy conditions and used as a target for shooting practice by one guard.


13 April 2016

Bosnian Serbs Pay Karadzic, Mladic Personal Expenses

Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska will spend 20,460 euros of public funds to cover the personal expenses incurred by war crimes defendants Radovan Karadzic, Ratko Mladic and others.


12 April 2016

Srebrenica Bosniaks ‘Died Jumping from Windows’

At the genocide trial of five Bosnian Serb policeman, a prosecution witness said about 10 Bosniaks from Srebrenica died after jumping from the top floor of the school building in Bratunac in 1995.