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18 May 2016

Croatian Military Policeman Recalls Capljina Village Shooting

At the trial of four ex-policemen accused of involvement in a deadly raid in the Capljina municipality in July 1993, a prosecution witness testified about the capture of Bosniaks during the operation.


17 May 2016

Policeman ‘Heard Beating’ at Brcko Army Barracks

An ex-policeman told the trial of Djordje Ristanic, former head of the wartime presidency of the Brcko municipality, that he heard two men from the town being beaten at a Yugoslav People’s Army barracks.


17 May 2016

Serbia Acquits 10 of Hiding Ratko Mladic

A Serbian court cleared 10 people of helping former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic evade arrest while he was on the run from war crimes charges in the 2000s.


16 May 2016

Bosnian Boxing Star Acquitted of Wartime Crimes

Former world champion boxer Mensur Peljto was acquitted of abusing and torturing Serb civilians and prisoners of war while he was a fighter with the Croatian Defence Council in 1992.


16 May 2016

Strpci Victims’ Relatives ‘Heard about Abductions via Media’

Statements by relatives of people kidnapped from a train in Strpci in February 1993 and later killed said they first heard of the abductions through the media.


13 May 2016

Witness Recalls Killings and Abuse in Kotor Varos

At the trial of six former Bosnian Serb soldiers for wartime crimes in Kotor Varos, a prosecution witness recalled the arrests, abuse and killings of Bosniak and Croat men in June 1992.


13 May 2016

Sarajevo Museum to Preserve Wartime Childhood Memories

A group of Sarajevo residents is developing a museum devoted to childhood during wartime to preserve the mementoes and memories of Bosnians who grew up during the 1990s conflict.


13 May 2016

Bosnian Witnesses Complain of Threats to Change Testimony

Witnesses in war crimes cases in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been pressurised to change their testimonies through threats or offers of bribes, victims’ associations have told BIRN.


13 May 2016

Bosnian Serb Ex-Policeman Denies Rogatica Rape

Former Bosnian Serb police officer Milisav Ikonic told the state court that he was not guilty of raping women in Rogatica during the war in 1992.


11 May 2016

Srebrenica Captives ‘Brought to Zvornik and Executed’

A prosecution witness told the genocide trial of the Bosnian Serb Army’s Zvornik Brigade commander that he heard that captives from Srebrenica were brought to the Zvornik area and executed. 


10 May 2016

Bosnian Serb Officer Urges Rogatica Crimes Acquittal

In its closing statements, the defence of former Bosnian Serb officer Radomir Markovic asked for him to be cleared of killings Bosniaks and pillaging homes in villages in Rogatica in 1992.


5 May 2016

Bosnian Croat Fighter Charged With Rape, Murder

Edin Sakoc, a former member of the Croatian Defence Council, was charged with the rape and murder of Serbs in the Pocitelj and Capljina areas during wartime.


5 May 2016

Bosnian Court Destroys Family Murders Investigation File

The Basic Court in the town of Prijedor destroyed an investigation file on the murders of five members of a Croat family during the war, allegedly by Serb forces, because it considered the material “worthless”.


4 May 2016

Bosnian Serb Acquitted of Crimes against Humanity

Jovan Popovic was cleared of making unlawful arrests and seizing civilians from the village of Rodica Brdo in the Visegrad area with a group of Serb fighters in 1992.


28 April 2016

Stanarevic Gets 13 Years For Bihac Killings

Former military policeman jailed for role in murder of at least ten Bosniaks held in Ripac village in 1992.