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Sexual abuse of the 15-year-old girl

The November issue of TV Justice magazine brings an overview of the most important trials held before the Court of BiH War Crimes Chamber in October.

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has sentenced 36 persons for sexual abuse which was committed during the war. According to these verdicts, victims have the right to sue the perpetrator for compensation of damages. In order to submit a lawsuit, witnesses who had protective measures must reveal their identity, i.e. they have to file a lawsuit under their full name. Because of such legislation, some protected witnesses are giving up the lawsuits.

Woman from Srebrenica, who was 15-year-old in 1992, was repeatedly raped, abused and assaulted in then abandoned houses in Bratunac. Those who had done it have not yet been brought to justice. That is the reason why we protect her identity, but you can hear her story in its entirety.

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